Welcome to the Hail State Beat

Welcome to the blog! I’m Bob Carskadon and I’ll be guiding this merry journey here as part of HailState.com, the official website of Mississippi State athletics.

I wasn’t sure how to start a blog post that was a post about starting a blog, but my first thought was an episode of television’s The Office where Michael Scott is making a toast at a wedding. He says the most important part of any toast is the opening line, and for that reason he likes to give at least five if he has time, hoping that at least one of them will be good.

I’ll spare you from five introductory blog posts, but it does fit that one of the first things we’ll be doing here will come in sets of five, a series of series popping up every weekday that will make sure you can read a little Mississippi State athletics news every morning for the next couple months.

And that is part of what I’ll be doing here. You’ve heard of summer reading? Well, this will be summer writing. Whatever is going on in the world of Mississippi State sports, you can find it here. I’ll have stories, quick-hitters, video and the like here on the blog, as well as a steady dose of more in-depth stories and features on HailState.com

As you can imagine, things will be pretty football-centric in the coming months. Crazy as it may seem, we’re actually not that far away. SEC media Days is in just a few weeks, followed shortly by The Central Mississippi Extravaganza down (or maybe up, for some) in Jackson. After that, it’s just a quick few days until fall camp.

That said, we’ve got a couple of basketball interviews and stories coming up soon, and part of my goal here will be to catch up with coaches and players from every sport on campus, especially the ones playing in the fall.

So, who am I? Well, I’ve been covering MSU athletics for various media outlets over the past three years and change. The main thing I should keep clear is that I have been and will continue to be an objective and unbiased reporter. If it’s good news, you can find it here, and the same goes for the bad news. I won’t be a cheerleader or a mouth piece for Scott Stricklin (not that he needs help with that, am I right?), I’ll just be writing about what’s going on and hopefully having some fun in the process.

The goal is to tell the stories of Mississippi State athletics. The good ones and bad, the happy ones and sad.

You can also expect some bad jokes along the way.

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