SEC Media Days: We’re up and running

As I type this now, Dan Mullen, Gabe Jackson, Tyler Russell, Johnthan Banks and a few of the Mississippi State staff are about to be in the air somewhere between Starkville and Birmingham headed to the Wynfrey Hotel for SEC Media Days.

As for myself, I drew the short straw and I’m about to hop in the car and drive across town to the lovely hotel, after a quick stop at the first establishment I find with chicken biscuits and caffeine.

We’ve got a pretty packed out day ahead, and it should be a good bit of fun for us and anyone keeping track. Lucky me, I’ve got a fancy all-access pass, so I’ll be trailing the MSU crew throughout the morning.

For that reason, you’ll want to check back here regularly when the boss isn’t around. We’ll have interviews, videos, behind-the-scenes stories and pictures of the day’s events here on the HailState Beat, as well as on

And if you’re someone who knows how to work The Twitter, we’ll be pumping out up-to-the-minute updates as the Bulldogs in Hoover make their way through the over 1,000 media in attendance. You can follow me at, and for those who are smarter and better tweeters than I, check out @joestate, @KyleNiblett and @mstateFB to keep up with the action.

You’ll also want to take a gander at this hub on that lists pretty much every place you can think of to follow along with SEC Media Days today, including the live, streaming video.

I’ll be back with more from Hoover soon.

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