Videos: 1-on-1s with Banks, Jackson, Russell after SEC Media Days

After nearly five straight hours of interviews, Gabe Jackson, Tyler Russell and Johnthan Banks finally went upstairs, sat down in a closed room, took deep breaths and thought they were done.

Then, I asked them to talk to me for a couple minutes. The troopers they are, all three obliged, and surprisingly didn’t seem to hate me for it.

I talked with each of them individually about what the day was like, things they were asked, what they learned, and of course, a bit about actual football. I hear they kind of like that game.

So, you can find here, in order, 1-on-1 SEC Media Days wrap-ups with Banks, Russell and Jackson, plus a bonus Dan Mullen video at the bottom from the beginning of the day.

Also, should you be interested, we’ve got full transcripts of Mullen and the players over at you should probably check out, and make sure to check back here tomorrow for plenty more reaction from Media Days, as well as MSU’s trip to Jackson for the Extravaganza.

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