‘Hail State with Scott Stricklin’ debuts tonight

Tonight, Scott Stricklin becomes a radio star. Or something like that, anyway.

Mississippi State’s athletic director and newest radio personality will host the first edition of his new show “Hail State with Scott Stricklin” tonight at 7 p.m., featuring nationally-known sports radio host Paul Finebaum and MSU volleyball coach Jenny Hazelwood as the guests.

If you’re in Starkville, there will be a reception prior to the show at 6:30 at Harvey’s. Reservations, I hear, are encouraged, but there are plenty of ways to listen if you can’t make it, as detailed on HailState.com, where you can listen live.

The format for the show is a unique one, and pretty cool, too. Stricklin said he was approached about doing a show and had concerns at first, worrying that a monthly question and answer with the athletic director would get bland pretty quickly.

Stricklin got a little more excited, it turns out, when he came up with the idea of hosting the show himself and having guests of his own to question. Welcoming the well-known Finebaum as his first guest is an idea of what type of guests to expect in the future. They won’t all be radio hosts or members of the media, but Stricklin’s plans involve guests who are powerful or influential people in the world of college athletics.

Again, the show debuts tonight at 7 and will be a monthly program. The full list of radio affiliates is available at HailState.com, and you can also listen live (and free) at HailState.com.

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