Stricklin talks new uniforms

Uniforms! As if we weren’t desperate enough for any way to talk football as the season quickly comes closer, Mississippi State unveiled their new uniforms for the 2012 season yesterday, as even those under the biggest of rocks surely heard.

Gabe Jackson, Cam Lawrence and Tyler Russell model the new uniforms.

Just after they went out, I talked to MSU Director of Athletics Scott Stricklin a bit about the process of designing the uniforms, what everyone thought about them and how he thought it all came out. It was just a few quick questions and answers, shared here.

Bob: What’d you think about the uniforms when you first saw them?

Scott: The first time I saw them, there were some things we liked and some things we tweaked. You know, Adidas did a lot of research, going back through our history and what we’ve done in the past. We had a lot of options to show them. I think we ended up with something that makes the point of saying “a lot of maroon and a lot of white.” There are a lot of sharp looking elements. I like how everything from the helmet, to the jersey, to the socks, to the pants, to the gloves, all the elements tie together.

Bob: The silver pants on the alternate jersey were one of my favorite parts. Where did the idea to incorporate the color come from?

Scott: You know, when I was growing up, when Rockey Felker became the head coach they had silver pants for a few years. I always thought it looked good. I think silver is a great color. It works well with maroon, and white. It kind of stays true to our primary color but adds a different twist to it.

Bob: And the state of Mississippi patch above the nameplate on the back?

Scott: We had a sticker last year on the back of helmets. We just decided to take it off the helmet and put it on the back of the uniform. We talked a lot about the importance of representing the state of Mississippi. It just seemed like the natural place to put it.

Bob: What was Dan Mullen’s reaction?

Scott: Dan liked the idea. I think he saw an early concept and made some tweaking suggestions. He liked it. He took it to his leadership council, and they were very positive about it. We had input from Dan, had input from players. At the end of the day, uniforms are going to draw a lot of attention. You’ll never please everybody, but we feel these represent Mississippi State University.

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