Broomfield loves the switch to safety, looks forward to trash talking

Not too long ago, the line we heard was that senior Corey Broomfield was playing “a little” safety. Now, it appears to be a more full-time switch for the former cornerback, who is in meeting rooms with the safeties now, saying farewell to cornerback friends.

Though as he said today, he’s fine with the change.

“I love it back there,” Broomfield said. “I get closer to the line of scrimmage, so when I talk trash I ain’t just talkin’ to myself.”

Being close to the line of scrimmage will be something new for Broomfield, but he said he likes it and that it’s a sign of what the defense under coordinator Chris Wilson will be doing this year.

“We’re gonna attack the quarterback, we’re gonna be on the attack this year,” Broomfield said. “Coach Wilson’s got a few tricks up his sleeve that’s gonna help me out.”

Broomfield said coaches first talked to him about the switch in their annual offseason meetings, noting that Dan Mullen expressed a desire to get his best four defensive backs on the field, with senior corner Darius Slay having an impressive spring.

“Darius Slay, he’s one of the best corners in the nation,” Broomfield said. “It was very easy [to switch]. I kind of had to move, we had to make room.”

While it’s a change for Broomfield, who has played cornerback since his freshman year, he said the differences are not too hard to overcome.

Broomfield said he’ll still be backpedaling, still shuffling and still looking for the ball. He also he won’t be exclusively a safety, as Mullen said earlier today, as well. The senior says he’ll play some nickel corner, as well, and may even hop down and give Slay or Johnthan Banks an opportunity to rest.

As for his relationship with hard-hitting junior Nickoe Whitley (who said today he’s “back to full-speed”) playing safety next to him, Broomfield said, “We hit it off immediately.”


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