Hevesy on O-line, Banks on life, defense, offense and special teams

It got smushed a bit by the announcement of Davis Wade Stadium’s expansion this morning, but after lunch, we writer folk got to sit down with offensive line coach John Hevesy and senior cornerback Johnthan Banks for our daily updates from Mississippi State’s fall camp.

Today is the final day of two-a-days for the Bulldogs, which Banks said is “sweet sweet. It ain’t bittersweet.”

Banks also had some sweet thoughts about MSU’s offense this year under Tyler Russell, calling it “the best offense I’ve seen since I got here.”

Make sure and listen through the whole interview, as Banks delved a bit into some of the hard times in his childhood and talked about his grandmother who made him the man he is today.

Hevesy, like Dan Mullen on Sunday, had mostly good things to say about his offensive line. He thinks next week is when he’ll start nailing down who will play where and which five guys will start. As of today, Hevesy said, the tackles were still rotating and he was unsure.

The good thing Hevesy has noticed is that he has “eight or nine” guys he is comfortable with putting on the field in an SEC game. As we saw last year, depth is important.

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One Response to Hevesy on O-line, Banks on life, defense, offense and special teams

  1. Matt says:

    Please… get rid of the swivel desk chair so the guys will sit up straight and stop fidgeting

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