Mullen says chemistry is “probably the best I’ve seen,” plus video


After the last day at The Farm, Dan Mullen said training camp at Mississippi State is coming to an end. After a light practice tomorrow night and a scrimmage in the stadium on Saturday, the Bulldogs get a couple days off and then, Mullen said, they get closer to in-season mode.

The scrimmage under the lights this weekend will be one of the final big chances for freshmen to show Mullen that they can play.

Starting next week, Mullen said, they’ll start nailing down what to do with their personnel.

“Coaches will kind of start putting a plan together of exactly where we are, who is ready to go, who is definitely ready to go, who is on the borderline ready to go, and who probably needs another year developing,” Mullen said.

Over the course of the now nearly-finished training camp, Mullen said different position groups have stood out depending on the day, but what impressed him the most was the cohesiveness of the team, the drive amongst them and the chemistry they have apparently developed.

“What I’ve seen out of us is not a lack of competitiveness,” Mullen said. “Guys still get chippy. What I’ve seen is everybody really believing in the team aspect of things. That it is going to take every person doing their job for us to succeed, probably the best I’ve seen since I’ve been here with that kind of team chemistry.”

Headed into Saturday’s scrimmage, that competitiveness may be turned up a notch, with those players trying to seize one of their last chances to make a big impression.

“They know,” Mullen said. “Everything has been towards that. You have practice tomorrow night, Saturday’s scrimmage, and at that point we’re going to have scout teams next week. It doesn’t mean that we’ve set who is playing and who is not playing, there are still guys who are going to be on the edge one way or the other. But we’re going to have a good idea of the direction we’re headed in.”

While Mullen initially said no one particular position group has stood out, he did concede that he’s been impressed with the receivers, led by a group of experienced seniors.

“We don’t have a superstar to me, I don’t have one, I don’t have two. But we probably have four or five guys I feel very comfortable can do the right way, catch the ball,” Mullen said. “And our quarterbacks have done a good job getting it to them.”

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    A maroon backdrop would be great.

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