Mullen gives mixed review on practice, moves on without Mirando


Dan Mullen was a little “disappointed” in the first practice back after fall camp. He was also “not disappointed.”

Get the difference?

Well, Mullen’s first words after the practice session were that he was a little disappointed in some of the young guys after the short rest from camp, but only halfway so, he later clarified.

“I’m not disappointed with how the guys tried and all that stuff. It’s kind of the mental focus part that was a little sloppy.”

Tuesday afternoon was also the first practice for the team since wide receivers coach Angelo Mirando announced his resignation.

Mullen coached the receivers himself, but he referred to that as the “immediate plan,” while he hopes to have a short-term plan worked out within the next few days.

Naturally, the next step after short-term is long-term, but Mullen said those may be one in the same.

“The short-term plan and the long-term plan could be a combo plan,” he said. “Might have a short-term fix that turns into a long-term fix or a short-term fix that lasts through the season.”

Luckily for MSU, Mullen said, is that there are plenty of veteran wideouts to help ease the transition.

“I think the fact that we have a mature group helps. When you have guys that have played a lot of football, the leadership in the room, they run the room themselves, the older guys,” Mullen said. “With Chris [Smith] and Arceto [Clark] and Chad [Bumphis], you have some maturity in that room. The younger guys are just gonna follow the old guys.”

As for the future of the team as a whole, Mullen said they are continuing scout-team work this week, before beginning game prep next week.

However, Mullen said he may give the team a day in short later this week as a simulation for their light day on game week.

“We don’t need guys diving for the ball on the ground and getting people hurt.,” Mullen said, before explaining the need for a non-padded run-through this week, “so that next week when we do our Thursday non-padded practice, they’re not completely clueless on how to practice without pads on.”

Between camp and practice Tuesday, Mullen and his staff spent most of their time reviewing tape of sessions on the farm, seeing how their guys looked, what worked, what didn’t and what they need to do going forward.

“Really we’ve just been studying that stuff, getting in and kind of grinding through those cut-ups of training camp, of what these guys are executing well. Because even though something might draw up well, personnel-wise we don’t execute it very well. Then we have to tweak and do stuff our guys do well.”

The Bulldogs return to the practice field tomorrow afternoon and we’ll have a full report here on the HailState Beat.

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