Q&A: Senior receiver Chad Bumphis

For the first time since spring practice, we had a chance to talk to senior receiver Chad Bumphis, who continued his moves up the career-records lists at Mississippi State over the weekend.

He only caught one pass, but it was the first touchdown of the game, a nine-yarder form quarterback Tyler Russell in the back of the endzone. We talked to Bumphis about the score, goals for his senior year, Auburn and plenty more.

Rather than split it all apart, here’s the entirety of his chat with the media on Tuesday evening.

How was it getting your season started off with that touchdown?

It’s good for me and my confidence level. Just getting back in the game routine, everything felt good.

Jameon Lewis told us that when he saw the play call he knew you were going to get the touchdown.

The way we saw them play it on film, we knew we were gonna call it our first third-and-short, so it was just a matter of when we got to it. It was gonna be open. If look at the film, he could’ve thrown it to anybody. But of course, it’s Tyler, so he’s looking at the back of the endzone.

Do the receivers take pride in having good hands and no drops in the first game?

All offseason it’s mostly what we talked about. We wanted to eliminate drops and make the play when our number was called. In that first game, we did it.

You went NFL-style on that touchdown, getting both feet in.

I knew I was running out of real estate, so I had to get them down fast.

All the senior receivers have talked about wanting to prove something this year.

If you look at, we’ve all been playing since we were freshmen. That’s what we want to do, send a message. We want to put fear in DBs when they know they’re playing us. We’re all old, we’ve all got game experience, we know what we’re doing. That’s the message we want to send.

Any personal goals?

Not really, I just want to help us win.

New receivers coach Tim Brewster said he’s been telling y’all to “sign your name” to what you do. What does that mean?

When we go out and practice and play, we put our resume’ together when we’re on the field. You want to make sure that when other people watch you, they know they’re gonna go against someone good and they know what they’re gonna get. We just try to be our best whether it’s in the game or at practice.

Of all your touchdowns, only two have been in SEC games. Is that something you want to turn around?

Of course, everyone wants to play big in the bigger games, and like I said, I wanna make the plays when my number is called.

How do you reflect on your career at MSU?

Production-wise I feel I could’ve been better. I’m trying to get better this year. But overall I love it. I wouldn’t change anything.

You and Tyler seemed to show your chemistry on that touchdown.

The corner actually messed himself up. He kinda got lost and just ended up in the right spot. If you look at it on film, when I broke out, he took his eyes off me and looked in the backfield.

You guys have had some battles with Auburn the last couple years.

They’re a good team, they’ve got athletes all over the field. I just feel like we go out there and compete and execute. It’s real big for me, I’ve never beat them. Actually, there’s one guy on their team, Darren Bates, we talk all the time. He played at Olive Branch and I’ve never beat him before in my life. I’ve been playing him since ninth grade. We’ve been talking and I think it’s time we change it.

What was the first thought you had after last year’s game when Auburn stopped you guys inches short?

After I showered, I got on the bus and I called Coach Balis. I was just so hurt, I was crying. I was aksing Coach Balis what happened. As hard as we worked in the offseason, there’s no reason we should lose games that close.

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