Jameon Lewis says MSU’s passing game playbook has barely been opened

Sophomore Jameon Lewis does a little bit of everything, returning kicks, catching passes and even lining up as a wildcat quarterback.

But in the words of Bachman Turner Overdrive, you, apparently, ain’t seen nothin’ yet. And that’s from both Lewis the individual and Mississippi State’s offense as a whole, it seems.

When Lewis lines up in everyone’s favorite trick formation to take a snap, he’s always run the ball, and he’s done so effectively.

However, the speedster was a quarterback in high school, so he has at least some ability to throw the ball. It hasn’t happened yet, but Lewis, perhaps jokingly, hinted it may occur sometime soon.

“I don’t know, you might see it Saturday,” he said. “I’m feeling good, got my arm going, so you might see it Saturday.”

And whether it’s him or starting quarterback Tyler Russell, Lewis definitely believes the Bulldogs will be passing more in general against Auburn this weekend.

He conceded MSU didn’t use a lot of its passing playbook against Jackson State over the weekend.

“I mean, not much,” Lewis said. “You’re gonna see more [Saturday], but you didn’t see much then.”

Another new thing for Lewis has been the coaching style of recently-hired receivers coach Tim Brewster, who has talked to his guys about “signing their name to the play” and taking responsibility for what they do on every down.

“When he told us, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s powerful,’” Lewis said. “Everything you do is you. Everything you do on film is who you are. When you make a bad play, you don’t want to put your name on that.”

The tactic seems to be working.

“Coach Brewster came in with some powerful words, he’s getting us to run and block harder,” Lewis said.

More good news came for Lewis, though he may not even realize what he said to reporters on Tuesday evening.

The No. 1 reason Lewis didn’t play more as a freshman was because he didn’t know the playbook. This fall, he told us he had figured it out and knew what to do when, as well as why. But we had yet to see it with our own eyes.

Turns out, we heard it with our own ears when we asked Lewis about Chad Bumphis’ touchdown catch against Jackson State. Those six points weren’t a surprise to him.

“I already knew,” Lewis said. “When they called the play, I was like, ‘Touchdown Chad,’ because I know the plays like that.”

Not only does Lewis know his routes, he knows his teammates’ routes, too, a good sign for the young receiver.

And he’s apparently good at predicting the future, too, which is why I have a tough time doubting him when he says MSU will open up the playbook against Auburn.

Lewis said he has also been studying the Tigers’ defense, noting he sees a lot of zone from their defenders. With his size and skills, that’s just fine with him.

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3 Responses to Jameon Lewis says MSU’s passing game playbook has barely been opened

  1. miss ames says:

    This makes me excited about the game against Auburn. I could tell that Lewis had some talent from last year, this explains a lot. I hope to see a lot more ‘surprises’ from him Saturday in a victory! With knowing the playbook and other peoples routes then I expect him to not only do well himself but also make sure those in position to run the ball make their routes well. Let’s go Dawgs!

  2. Donna says:

    This guy has been my favorite player since he first put on the maroon jersey! He is a great athlete and a real playmaker. I look forward to seeing him make big plays for us-HAIL STATE!

  3. dawgsince79 says:

    I just wish that Jackson State’s defensive line didn’t look like they just got off the couch. I am very excited about these Bulldogs. There seems to be a chemistry there that I haven’t seen before. Granted, this weekend will be the test for the DAWGS and I know they will lay it all on the line just like the past two years. HAILSTATE!!!!

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