Notes, pictures and videos on a slow Tuesday

After all the hubbub of the weekend, things have slowed down a touch (though not completely) around Mississippi State. We’ve got plenty coming on the blog in the next few days, including stories on Chad Bumphis and a few other football topics, as well as interviews with players later tonight.

Plus, a story on a hairstyle that’s winning games for the Bulldogs. More on that later.

But, as we wait, a few fun things.

And one is more fun than most if you’re a soccer fan, as Neil MacDonald and MSU are now 7-0 on the young season, one of only seven teams in the country without the blemish of a loss or tie on their record. Not bad.

They’ve been led by standout keeper Skylar Rosson, as well as an experienced back line of defense and some speedy youth on offense.

Not all Bulldogs are fast, however.

Especially not this one. But you gotta love the doggles, and props to Bully for eating bacon while running on a water treadmill. That sounds like my kind of workout.

Oh, and we saw MSU’s new uniforms for the game at Troy on Saturday, courtesy of MSU SID Joe Galbraith (happy birthday to both him and softball coach Vann Stuedeman, by the way). It’s a sharp look, with white tops and maroon pants, plus the return of matte helmets. The tri-colored maroon/silver/white gloves might be my favorite.

And last but not least, we’ve got video of several of MSU’s assistant coaches compiled into one clickable source right here, so make sure and check that out as they discuss MSU’s big weekend and what the future holds for Bulldog football.

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One Response to Notes, pictures and videos on a slow Tuesday

  1. says:

    Stop with the matte helmets already!And the white stripe in the middle too while you’re at it.
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