Johnthan Banks talks Troy, plus links for every way imaginable to watch the game

It’s gameday.

And in addition to being the first Mississippi State game on the road, it’s also the first one not on television, so there’s plenty to cover with that before we go any further.

To sum it up: the game is available only on, the details of which you can find here on

Can’t find a way to watch but still want to keep up? Well, you’ve got several options, luckily. We’ll be live-chatting at and we’ve also got a list of radio affiliates so you can tune in.

And if you’re Twitter-savvy, that’s the easiest way to follow along. Make sure and check out @mstatefb, @joestate and even me @bobcarskadon if you’re desperate.

Now, for the actual play on the field. Troy runs a fast-paced offense, passing over 70 times last week, and running the ball all day the week before.

The Trojans have some injuries on the offensive line that may force some re-shuffling, though, so MSU may be able to take advantage with its superior size.

If Troy passes so much again and is also rushed by State defenders, MSU’s secondary of Johnthan Banks, Darius Slay, Nickoe Whitley and Corey Broomfield will be lickin’ their chops.

Speaking of Banks, I caught up with him for a few minutes at the team hotel when they arrived in Montgomery last night, the video of which you can watch below.

On the offensive side for MSU, the Bulldogs will likely look to set the tone of the game themselves by running the ball hard and often with LaDarius Perkins and the host of other backs.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see MSU take a few shots deep. We’ll also see if tight end Marcus Green and receiver Chad Bumphis can keep up their streak of scoring in every game this year.

Now, here’s All-American cornerback Johnthan Banks. You may need to turn the volume up a little, but it’s good stuff.

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