Six former Diamond Dawgs represent teams in MLB playoffs

It’s football season in Starkville, but the MLB playoffs are ramping up across the country this weekend with plenty of Bulldogs involved.

In fact, six former Diamond Dawgs will be representing six different professional teams in the month of October.

Jeff Brantley (1982-85), Paul Maholm (2001-03), Chris Maloney (1980-83), Tyler Moore (2008), Mitch Moreland (2005-07) and Buck Showalter (1977) will participate in the playoffs in one form or another.

Buck Showalter’s Orioles are in the playoffs.

In a fun twist, two different games will showcase Bulldogs facing each other.

Moreland, a player for Texas, will see Showalter, the manager of the Orioles, in the opposite dugout as the two meet in a one-game playoff.

To the east, Maloney will take the field for the Cardinals as the first base coach while Maholm hits the mound for the Braves in Atlanta as part of another one-game playoff.

Moore, of course, is a first baseman and outfielder for the Washington Nationals, while Brantley  is in his third season as a broadcaster with the Cincinnati Reds Radio Network.

So, if you’re looking for a team to cheer for this weekend, now you’ve got some options.

I recommend the Orioles.

For more on each player’s history at MSU and what they’re doing now, check out the full story on

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