LaDarius Perkins humble as SEC’s leading rusher, but not surprised

A couple quick facts on Mississippi State junior running back LaDarius Perkins:

  • He leads the Southeastern Conference in rushing at a hair over 103 yards per game.
  • He’s also the only running back in the country with a rushing touchdown in every game.

To say he silenced the doubters who wondered if he could be an every-down back has long since been an understatement. Even those who had faith may not have seen this coming.

Despite the personal success and the Bulldogs being 7-0 and ranked No. 11 in the BCS, Perkins stays humble, too.

As we do at least once-a-week here on the HailState Beat, we’ve got a nice question and answer session with the SEC’s break-out star at running back.

You’re the leading rusher in the SEC. That’s kind of a big deal.

Yeah, it’s a big deal right now. We’re just trying to make sure I keep producing like that, credit to my offensive line. They’re gonna keep blocking for me, I’m just gonna keep getting more yards.

Did you see anything like this coming?

Yeah, because I knew what type of team we had. I talked to my O-line a lot and I knew they were gonna try and make that happen for me.

Have you watched Alabama film at all?

We watched a little bit of it this morning. They have a great defense. Great offense, too, I watched some of that. But they have a great defense. It’s pretty hard to run on those guys, and pass on those guys, but we’re gonna try to do both come Saturday. Execute like we should.

When you go against such a strong defense, do you try and do different things to beat them, or do you just do what you’ve been doing, just better?

We’re gonna try to do what we do and just execute at a high level. Make sure we protect the football, have no turnovers and protect the quarterback, no sacks.

You’ve been getting out into space more lately. Is that something you can do against Alabama?

Yeah, I feel like we can do everything we’ve been doing up until this point. I feel like we can do all things we’ve done previous games.

There are several similarities between the two teams with strong run games, underrated quarterbacks, great turnover margin and similar stats between QBs.

Yeah, there are a lot of similarities, now that you talk about it. I didn’t really think about it, but it really is. They’ve got some great guys, but we feel like we’ve got a great team also. We’re both undefeated, but we feel like we have a good chance to win this game, also. We know the time we put in, the hard work we put in coming into this game, all the way back to the offseason and summer.

It seems like Johnthan Banks has become the heart of the team.

Banks is one of our great leaders, and this is, basically, his team. During the offseason he showed great leadership. He helped us out a lot. I’m glad he came back this year, returned for his senior year. We really greatly appreciate that. This is his team and whatever he says we’re gonna try to get done.

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