Q&A: Corey Broomfield on defending Texas A&M, recovering from Alabama and more

I do love Corey Broomfield.

And Mississippi State’s senior safety loves to talk, which to me, sounds like a perfect combination for our weekly question and answer session.

Obviously, the big topic of discussion was MSU’s defense preparing to facing Texas A&M’s high-flying offense, led by freshman sensation Johnny Manziel, a dual-threat quarterback thriving in new head coach Kevin Sumlin’s system.

What’s the locker room been like after the loss to Alabama?

Same thing, just like any other week. We’ve been winning, but you’ll never play perfect. When you come away with it, a lot of stuff gets overlooked. This way, it was kinda good, we didn’t overlook anything, all your mistakes are right there. We just try to correct them.

What have you seen from Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel on tape?

He’s an athlete playing quarterback. We played Denard Robinson two years ago and the coaches came up with a great game plan and we contained him. He reminds me of him a lot, a guy that can run and can throw. He does a lot of good things.

I hear freshman speedster Brandon Holloway is the scout team QB.

He’s giving us a great look. Whenever you got a guy like Holloway back there, he can emulate anyway. When you’ve got a 4.2 (forty-yard dash) guy back there, he gives us a good look.

The focus for A&M is often on the pass, but they’ve got a strong running game, too.

You look at his statistics, I believe he’s leading the SEC in rushing. So, whenever you’ve got a quarterback that’s leading the power conference of all college football in rushing, you’ve gotta watch out for him. Like I said, they’ve got a lot of other good backs. You can’t just key on him, because then he’s just gonna hand it off.

Have you picked up on any tendencies from Manziel to clue you in when you may be able to get a turnover?

Like Coach said earlier, he’s a lot like Dylan Favre. He’s a great player and great players believe they can do great things on any play. A play that another quarterback might just take it. He might try to force something, and it could come out negative or positive, so you just have to stay with your man. If you’re not with your guy, he’ll find him.

So, you may take advantage of that over-confidence Saturday?

We hope so. Hopefully, he doesn’t damage our secondary too much. It’s gonna be battle.

How tough is it to figure out if it’s run or pass with Manziel? Does he give any signs?

That’s a big challenge, you never know. When you get a guy that scrambles, that’s not good on the secondary. You gotta look at your guy, but you know he’s back there scrambling. A lot of times, you’re in a run/pass conflict. You don’t know if you want to go help at the line of scrimmage, or do I need to be covering my guy, do I need to stay on him? So, it presents a problem.

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