Q&A: Josh Robinson on running backs, defense, bowl prep and young players

As is our weekly tradition here on the HailState Beat, we have another question and answer session. This time, it’s with one of the more fun guys to talk to on the team: freshman running back Josh Robinson.

If ever someone reminded me of Anthony Dixon, it’s Robinson. And not because of his position. The bowling-ball runner has tons of personality and the relentless optimism and happiness I came to associate with Dixon in his time at Mississippi State.

RGGMFDYJYPUMLTO.20120916031143On Friday afternoon at practice, Robinson scored a touchdown streaking into the corner of the endzone and running out of bounds right into the group of reporters standing on the sideline. In lieu of a referee, he held out the ball and offered it to Brandon Marcello from the Clarion-Ledger. When we asked him why, he said he just wants to share the gift God gave him.

Listening to him talk, you can tell Robinson cares deeply for his teammates, both on the field and off, and he seems to be the type of player all coaches love, a true team guy

On Sunday afternoon, Robinson again stood out in the scrimmage of young players. With starting tailback LaDarius Perkins sitting out alongside all the other starters and with backup runner Nick Griffin sidelines by an ACL tear, Robinson got all the reps and coaching he could ever want alongside fellow redshirt frosh Derrick Milton.

Here’s his conversation with media folks on Sunday.

Q: You ran pretty hard today.

A: Yes sir. The offensive line did their job. I just did what I could do.

Q: You found a few holes today, the pressure from the defense was coming all day. What did you think of that young defensive line?

A: They’re gonna be pretty good in the future. They’re gonna be solid next season. They’re probably gonna be the strength of our defense. They just have to keep grinding and we have to keep pushing every day.

Q: Which of those young guys has impressed you or hit you the hardest?

A: Well, the D-linemen, I’m not about to get by them. Forget that. They are not gonna hit me. The person that hit me the hardest was Benardrick McKinney. The linebackers are gonna hit me the hardest, But the D-line? I’m gonna run away from them, forget that.

Q: You’ve got a lot of personality off the field. It seems like that translates into the game.

A: Yes sir. I try to get the defense and the offense pumped up. I feel my role in the future is gonna be a motivator and an inspiration to the team. I can get on the field and just do work and can help somebody do better themselves. It ain’t just about me. It’s about the whole team.

Q: First year guys often hit a wall. Has that happened to you?

A: I mean, everybody hits that wall where they wanna quit. But God gave me a blessing, He gave me a talent, so why not use it and inspire people every day? You don’t know how somebody’s day is going. That’s just my personality. I’ve gotta bless somebody else because I’ve been blessed.

Q: Has Perkins been giving you any tips?

A: Yeah, LaDarius and Vick Ballard. They’ve taught me everything. They tell me to do this, do that, and I just go out there and put my feet up.

Q: Getting some good runs all week, does that make you feel good about your progress?

A: Going against the twos and threes, I’m just trying to make them better. I’m trying to make myself better fundamentally and make them better, as well. He gave me the tools to use, so I’m gonna use them and help somebody else at the same time.

Q: What’s been the biggest benefit for you during this bowl practice?

A: The biggest benefit is seeing what happens before it happens. Just like Coach Knox taught us. We’ve gotta see the play and run the play before we even run the play.

Q: You’ve played receiver some in camp here, too.

A: Shoot, in high school I didn’t even start at running back. I’m a slot receiver, too. Just a big slot receiver.

Q: What should we expect from the offense in the Gator Bowl?

A: Pretty much just Mississippi State offense. Just pound, pound, pound, and we’re gonna throw the ball like we always do. We’re gonna have a balance. Me and Perkins and Milton, we’ve just gotta hold it down, because we lost Nick. We’ve just gotta hold it down.

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