New video, plus several nuggets of news and interest on Davis Wade expansion

If you missed it, you’ll want to check out the new video on, a tribute of sorts to big moments at Davis Wade Stadium, as well as a look ahead at the future with expansion.

In asking about the video, I learned a bit more about expansion and the bowling in of Davis Wade, too.

We obviously know the stadium is getting bigger, adding about 7,000 seats by bowling in the north endzone with general stadium seating and four additional premium areas.

The video, a means of highlighting the expansion, was conceived back in the fall, taped in the winter, and released now as we near the spring.

Mississippi State had three days to tape the video and brought in those featured in the video around that schedule.

The first day: rain.

The second day: the massive January blizzard (by Mississippi standards).

The third day: finally some sunshine.

But the filming got done, as did the editing and producing.

Now, the secondary purpose kicks in. Reminding MSU fans of the April 1 priority deadline for premium seating.

In talking to Mike Richey, Senior Associate Athletic Director in the Bulldog Club, opportunities are abound as the stadium grows. MSU is well on its way to selling out all of the skyboxes, but the Loge seating (called the State level), the Scoreboard Club and the Gridiron Club all provide something Davis Wade didn’t previously have a ton of – inexpensive premium seating.

In particular, Coordinator of Athletic Development Stephen Foshee said, it offers an option for younger alumni or first-time season-ticket buyers.

“Maybe you’re a young C.P.A, an engineer who just started your career, now you’ve got a way to watch the game with premium amenities at a level that fits your budget and place in life,” Foshee said.

As Richey said, it opens up opportunities everywhere.

Some who sit in the current club level may take the opening to get a skybox, which of course opens seats in club level, which in turns opens seats elsewhere.

Wait lists already have been formed for 2013 season tickets, so now everyone gets to move up a bit.

One of the changes will involve the student section.

MSU’s hope is to have enough of the lower bowl completed by the start of the 2013 season to keep the students who were previously in the endzone bleachers in the same spot, but this time with nicer seats and their own bathrooms and concession stands.

While they will have an upgraded setup in the endzone, Richey expects students will retain a portion of their current seats on the west side of the stadium going forward, though the student section will not extend as far as it has previously, again opening up more seats for season ticket holders.

The main message from Richey: opportunities abound for current season ticket holders to upgrade their seats and for those have been on the outside looking in to find their way to seats in Davis Wade.

Again, he says, get on it quickly.

From talking to Richey and Foshee, two parts of the expansion really stand out: the State Level and the Gridiron Club. Both are new types of seating for Davis Wade, and the State Level is something very few in the SEC have, though once people get a feel for what it is, spots will likely disappear fast. It has the indoor area like club level with food, beverages, lockers and the like, positioned halfway up the stadium, just above the grandstand seating, and each “seat” is a padded swivel chair with an individual TV, a counter to rest food and drinks on and direct view of the Jumbotron.

If you’ve forgotten, or just want to look again, renderings of the expansion (and plenty more) are available on the Bulldog Club website.

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