A few thoughts on MSU football’s Thursday night-er against Kentucky

In case you haven’t yet heard, Mississippi State announced today that its home football game against Kentucky this fall has been moved to Thursday, October 24 and will be broadcast on ESPN.

KPDTYEHYKIBFQUG.20090924172617In a vacuum, the move may garner mixed reactions, but looking at the big picture of the schedule, playing the Wildcats on Thursday may be the best part of Dan Mullen’s fifth season with the Bulldogs.

On Saturday October 12, MSU hosts Bowling Green at Davis Wade Stadium.

The following Saturday is an off-week for the Bulldogs.

The result? MSU gets a week and a half of prep after a non-conference game for a Thursday home SEC game (instead of four days if it were playing the Saturday before), and then the Bulldogs have another week and a half before traveling to South Carolina, on paper one of the toughest games of the season, playing on the road against one of the top teams in the SEC the last few years.

Another bonus, naturally, is the exposure of playing on ESPN on Thursday, a prime college football time slot with little else in the world of the BCS to distract eyes from all over the country.

I once wrote, during my time at The Reflector, about how much it means not just for a team, but for an entire university to be featured on Thursday. It’s basically a three-hour long, nationwide, entertaining commercial, and this time it’s against a team MSU has had considerable success against lately.

Now, the last time I wrote about a Thursday night game, part of my complaint was the resulting chaos on campus when you’re trying to have classes and a football gameday at the same time.

Whether by luck of scheduling or from the athletic department and academics working together (more than likely the latter), that Thursday, October 24, is the first day of fall break at MSU. No classes and no parking issues. In function, it will be no different than any other Saturday on campus.

Speaking of Saturdays, MSU still managed to have six home games on Saturday on the schedule, even with this move and the opener in Houston against Oklahoma State.

And while I’m thinking about it, that game against Bowling Green might have a couple entertaining stories, as it was a pretty important place for Dan Mullen.

  1. He met his wife Megan there.
  2. It’s where he and Urban Meyer started their tear through college football together.
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2 Responses to A few thoughts on MSU football’s Thursday night-er against Kentucky

  1. 3rdand57 says:

    Reblogged this on 3rdand57 and commented:
    The Thursday night game will be great for national exposure

  2. SEC Writer says:

    Both MSU and Kentucky have BYE weeks the week before so, neither team has an advantage in prep time for the game. A night game in Starkville will be a very tough atmosphere for Kentucky to play in though. The move to Thursday night is great exposure for both the SEC and MSU so, it looks to be a very good choice.

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