MSU softball headed to NCAA Tourney

For the second-consecutive year, Mississippi State softball will be playing in the NCAA Tournament.

BKHKaP-CcAATHxQThe Bulldogs were selected Sunday night into the Mobile regional hosted by 13-seed South Alabama.

MSU’s first game will be this Friday at 3:30 against Florida State, while South Alabama plays Mississippi Valley State to round out the regional.

I caught up with head coach Vann Stuedeman for a couple minutes (video below) immediately after the announcement, and as you’d imagine, she’s pretty excited.

A couple crazy numbers came out once the whole bracket was revealed, as it turns out MSU has already played 16 of the teams in the NCAA Tournament, plus they’ve beaten four of the national seeds this season, 25 percent of the host teams.

A head coach or team saying they aren’t afraid of anyone is usually a bit of a cliche, but it’s the truth for MSU after playing one of the toughest schedules in the country.

The Bulldogs are expected to head to Mobile on Wednesday.

Also, check out the second video below, the recorded reaction when the announcement was made.

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