The last time MSU played 17 innings, and the connection it has to last night’s win

Sports are funny sometimes.

Like, for instance, Mississippi State’s baseball team standing in the dugout last night with belts tied around their heads and jerseys unbuttoned almost to their bellybuttons in attempt to secure an extra-innings win.

The Bulldogs did do just that, beating Missouri in 17 innings in the SEC Tournament.

LZDMBIJFSDCGOZO.20070726150845Here’s where it gets funny: the last time MSU played a 17-inning game, Texas Rangers slugger Mitch Moreland got the win for Ron Polk’s team. As a pitcher.

The Diamond Dawgs beat Ole Miss 4-1 in 17 innings in Oxford in April of 2007. At the time, it was the longest game in MSU history.

While those of us keeping track of MSU are aware, few in the major leagues know Moreland was a pretty good pitcher for quite some time.

My favorite part: Will Cox was credited with the win for MSU over Mizzou last night. Both Cox and Moreland are Amory, Mississippi natives.

I guess if you need something finished, find someone from Amory.

Big credit to my man Blake McCollum, the guy behind the camera for much of MSU’s marketing and promotions, for tipping me in this direction. McCollum, as you might guess, is an Amory native, too.

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