A day at the zoo with MSU

So, the Mississippi State baseball team went to the Omaha Zoo today.

With three days off as a reward for being in the winner’s bracket, John Cohen decided to take his team out for an afternoon of fun after the morning practice.

BNJIi-RCEAEb2FDBeing the in-house journalist I am, I followed the team, perhaps a bit sneakily so, and wrote down the things I heard them say.

Full disclosure: they had no idea (I think) that I was doing this.

More disclosure: with so many guys around, I couldn’t always tell who said what, nor can I fully guarantee that I’ve attributed quotes to the right person. But hey, this is just for fun.

I then emptied my notepad in the space below. There is no context for any of these quotes, simply the words which were said.

A quick aside before: a group of players was watching a tiger when it started roaring. The “roar” sounded as much like “Maroooon” as any cheer in the stands ever has. The team replied, “Whiiiiite.” The tiger replied, the team did the same, and so on for several stanzas, with nearby children even joining in the fun. It was pretty entertaining, and a good omen, at the least. Check it out here.

Anyway, off we go with about an hour of random things I heard. Imagine for yourselves what scenarios may have caused the conversation.


John Cohen: “I’m liking the surface.”

Evan Mitchell: “Do they just let turtles walk around here?”

“I could honestly see Renfroe getting kicked out of the           World Series for chasing one of these animals.”

Kendall Graveman: “What do you smell, Pirtle?”

Luis Pollorena: “It’s Kimpossible!”

Alex Detz: “They’re mating.”

Micth Slauter: “That thing eats chickens.”

Derrick Armstrong: “No, bro, I don’t like that stuff like this.”

Hunter Renfroe: “Is that water?”

Ben Bracewell: “Stick your pencil in it.”

Renfroe: “Holy tree frog!”

Demarcus Henderson: “Hold my hand.”

Detz: “We’re lost.”

Henderson: “Vampire bats?”

Renfroe: “Look at him, he’s drinking blood.”

Graveman: “That’s like a pterodactyl.”

Henderson: “If alligators are in here this ledge ain’t high enough.”

Pollorena: “Don’t shine the light! What if it attacks?”

Bracewell: “Hey, look at this turtle.”

Pollorena: “I’m so scared right now.”

Graveman: “That thing is fat.”

Detz: “He was sitting there looking at me.”

[Not Available]: “Look at him. He’s trying to open the door.”

Evan Mitchell: “Renfroe, you could catch him?”

“We got a prison break!”

“That is the biggest cat I’ve ever seen.”

Random child: “Will it eat you?”

Evan Mitchell: “You never know.”

‘Chip Barks’: “Simba!”

Jacob Lindgren: “Hey Smokey!”

[Not Available]: “Do you smell that?”

[Not Available]: “That’s nasty.”

[Not Available]: “That’s bigger than it should be.”

[Not Available]: “It walks like Renfroe.”

[Not Available]: “Baxter!”

Nic Flair: “I’ve got a cookie but I’m saving it for the prairie dogs.”

Brett Pirtle: “Let’s get on top of the gorilla.”

Lindgren: “Aww, how pretty.”

“There’s dinosaurs in there.”

[Not Available]: “That gorilla attacked C.T.”

Random Person: “Where’s Wes Rea?”

Jonathan Holder: *points to gorillas*

Tyler Bratton: “If his lips were a foot he’d wear a size 13.”

“He needs some lotion.”


At this point, I lost track of the players after a commotion in the primate area where a gorilla nearly busted open the protective glass and caused MSU to have to leave the College World Series. Video here.

Everyone was perfectly safe, of course, and no animals were harmed in the making of this blog. Perhaps a few egos, though.

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3 Responses to A day at the zoo with MSU

  1. Mike says:

    You and Talty are the same dude right?

  2. Mike says:

    Sorry that was meant for Bonner, the clarion ledger guy.

  3. Ryan says:

    I knew not to mess with Wes rea.

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