Talking tickets and gameday changes with Mike Richey

As football training camp starts tomorrow and we are but one month away from the beginning of the season, the pigskin lies heavy on our minds, and if more of you are like me, makes it hard to spend a ton of time thinking about much else.

As we prepare for the season, however, there is a bit of business to be taken care of. Namely, the effect of Davis Wade Stadium expansion and renovation on gameday activities and tickets.

For more on the subject, I talked to Mike Richey (video above) who knows all.

The full interview ought to answer most questions short term, and I’ll share a few bullet points here in case you’re unable to watch.

1. For this one season, a lot of things are going to be different, but the majority of them will go back to normal when expansion and renovation is complete for the 2014 season. Richey assures us it will be worth whatever small hassles we may encounter.

2. Parking will change for many people. With the construction, several of the lots have lost some or all of their spots, meaning MSU now has fewer spots to offer. For example, if you park in Section C, you may be in Section D for 2013 (though there is also a chance you stay in the same section). Contingency plans have already been made for any possible overflow parking and everyone will have somewhere to park.

3. Some entrances to the stadium will be closed this year, meaning lines to get into the open ones will likely be long. The recommendation from MSU is to get to the stadium early.

4. MSU has re-numbered the seats in Davis Wade in anticipation of expansion, so don’t be alarmed when you don’t have the same section and seat number as you have in the past. The number has changed but the actual seat hasn’t. Everyone is staying in the same place (unless you moved on purpose).

5. The specifics of changes in parking and seat numbers and several other gameday changes will come later this month when MSU has its Stadium Week, with full information at

6. Tailgating is not expected to be affected.

7. Renovation of the west side concourse will be complete – new bathrooms! – so you can look forward to some new amenities if you’re on that side, and the student section and band portion of the new north endzone will be ready to be filled.

8. On an off-campus note, Richey notes the best way to get tickets for the Kickoff Classic against Oklahoma State in Houston to open the season is through MSU at as he mentioned the school has tickets along the sideline and in club level, saying, “The best tickets you can get are through us, which is nice.”

Hopefully that answers some questions for the short term, and as noted, lots more information will come in about two weeks.

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One Response to Talking tickets and gameday changes with Mike Richey

  1. Tom Jenkins says:

    I like the video feed and the recap in the blog article. Looking forward to more specifics about the generalities!

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