The Notebook: 8 -28

BSxqva_CQAASfjbSo, How Was Your Day?

Y’all like pictures? Because I’ve got a bunch, starting with one from Dan Mullen. He tweeted the helmet MSU will be wearing against Oklahoma State on
Saturday, a maroon matte with the Bulldog outline they used on last year’s Snow Bowl helmet. I like.


Much of my afternoon was spent at Davis Wade Stadium, where I tagged along with Scott Stricklin and several others for a walkthrough before next week’s home opener. The main focus of it was to get a look at everything on the renovated west side concourse and look for anythingthat needed to be changed, added or removed. The heaviest discussion was about signage directing fans, especially given the new numbering system of sections.

We toured the expansion portion in the north end zone, as well, seeing where the students will sit this year and climbing the scaffolding (not my favorite) to the suite level, which of course will open in 2014. We got to see
the new elevators on the west side, too, which will be a nice addition.


One thing I noticed that was new to me and I don’t believe had been common knowledge is that the
west concourse has been raised a bit. You can see what I’m talking about in the picture, but where it used to be a flat walk in with long ramps to get in, it’s now raised. I’m not sure how to explain why, but it
added something to significant to the feel of it that I liked. A more grand concourse, if that makes sense.

A couple things you might have missed…


This week’s Bulldog Update came out, packed with more information than it has been in some time, including a LOT of info on Saturday’s kickoff. I should add, I enjoyed Stricklin’s aside about speaking with teams the last couple weeks.

And last but certainly least, I got a lesson from MSU’s volleyball team in a video released this afternoon. The results were about as athletically impressive  as you’d expect. I’ve embedded that video at the bottom of the page.


Oh, I also thought it was cool to see former Bulldog Cam Lawrence tweet about meeting another former Dawg, D.D. Lewis, in Dallas. Lawrence plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Lewis, in the Ring of Honor at MSU, played with Dallas, as well.

On more football notes: Dan Mullen had his weekly SEC teleconference today. He didn’t say much we haven’t heard already, but

photo-4he did advise us that if there are any suspensions for the first game (and he didn’t say there will or won’t be) they will be announced on Saturday. He also referred to Saturday and finally playing the game as ‘Christmas morning.’


Packing for Houston begins tomorrow. The equipment bus (which I’ll be riding) will leave around 7 or 8 p.m. after the team practices, driving through the night to reach Houston by morning.

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