Welcome to Houston

My internal clock is a bit off, but I’m fairly confident it’s Friday afternoon and I’m positive I’m in Houston.

photoThe bus with equipment staff, training staff, some GAs and myself arrived at the team hotel around 5 this morning after an overnight drive, and at the risk of enforcing stereotypes, boy is it fancy. 30 stories with terrifying glass elevators, open air in the middle from floor to roof.

In addition to people, the trailer with all of MSU’s uniforms, pads and all other equipment needs made the trek, as well, in a decidedly uneventful fashion, just as they like.

Admittedly, most of us napped a bit upon check-in this morning, but even when I ventured back down to the bagel place at 9, the lobby was packed with Maroon and White. Granted, it’s the team hotel, but there’s still a very good showing of Bulldogs already this early. Ought to be a nice crowd tomorrow at Reliant Stadium.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the team.

Their day began at 10:45 this morning with a kicking meeting, followed by lunch and then offensive and defensive meetings. As I type this around 1 p.m., the team is doing a walk-through in Davis Wade Stadium.

Afterward, they’ll have their security check at the Seal Complex, which is actually a neat procedure. They get pre-screened by TSA officials so they can get straight onto the plane at the airport. They’ve got about an hour and a half long flight, arriving in Houston a little before 6 and getting to the hotel near 6:30, should you like to welcome them with cowbells and smiles.

Then, it’s dinner time, chapel and finally, a movie before bed check.

I’ll have a few more items here on the blog between now and kickoff tomorrow, as well as plenty of twitter updates and maybe a video or two of players and coaches.

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