The Notebook: 9-02

So, How Was Your Day?

dak prescott (2)My day was lovely, thanks for asking, and I hope at least some of you were able to enjoy the Labor Day holiday. Technically, I was in the office, but I have a tough time considering what I do “work.”

We caught up with Dan Mullen this morning for his weekly press conference, certainly an interesting one. Lots of things to note but two points at the top…

Mullen’s buzzword today was “finish.” He said it after Saturday’s game and talked at length about it again today. The Bulldogs didn’t finish Saturday and that’s what they have to do going forward. He went in too much more detail, which you can re-live at with the full video, but he wants the team to finish plays, finish drives and finish games. You get the idea.

We also got an injury report with some bad news. Firstly, sending good thoughts to safety Jay Hughes, lost for the year to a torn achilles. Jay is one of the nicer guys I’ve had the chance to be around and one of the leaders of the team. Mullen called it “a huge loss,” and he’s right. On the field, his backups are plenty capable, but it’s still rough.

Cornerback Jamerson Love is questionable for this weekend while right guard Justin Malone is doubtful.

It also appears Tyler Russell won’t play this weekend after taking a hit to the head against Oklahoma State, paving the way for Dak Prescott to start his first game.

I’ll have more on Prescott later in the week, but we did catch up with him and some of his teammates tonight.

Tight end Brandon Hill, who got the start and the first catch of the game Saturday, scoffed at the idea Prescott isn’t a complete quarterback, calling him “a precision passer.”

He added, “Dak is a guy you rally around. He’s got that energy; you migrate toward him.”

I talked a bit with Prescott and center Dillon Day about their chemistry and the differences in working each other. They have the same jobs, but the way they work together is important, especially the center-quarterback exchange.

“It’s a new butt,” Prescott said.

I’ll have more on butts later in the week.


On my end of things, I’ll have a story out at some point mañana about the changes coming to football game days, which I think most you will find positive.

We’ll also chat with players and perhaps some assistants after practice tomorrow night.

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