The Notebook: 9-05

So, How Was Your Day?

VTMOHRJVCGVBTUX.20111015201211As Thursdays go, this was a pretty wild one around the athletic department. Wild in a good way, as finishing on touches on everything for the season-opener Saturday are being completed.

A fair portion of the afternoon was spent in a pretty large meeting of people from all across campus and athletics to go over the rundown for Saturday. Band, video board, music, spirit groups, commercials, celebrations. All of it, starting three hours prior to kickoff.

Speaking of, if you haven’t seen yesterday’s update from Scott Stricklin, I’d recommend perusing it, particularly the lower section, if you’re coming to town this weekend.

And if you’re in Starkville and reading this before 10 p.m., don’t forget Cowbell Yell in the stadium tonight. Jackie Sherrill is this year’s guest, along with Matt Wyatt and Floyd Womack.

Another note: Rick Ray announced today he is once again holding open walk-on tryouts for MSU students. More information on that here. None were taken last year.

Something fun we learned from Stricklin on twitter today: new stadium cups are in, and in response to complaints from some, we’re assured they don’t smell funny.

And if you were on campus this afternoon and happened to see lights coming from Davis Wade Stadium, they’ve done several tests and run throughs the last couple weeks to make sure everything is in order and working properly.

As for actual football news, we have little today, which is probably a good thing. I did write a story about Dak Prescott, which is the next post down here on the blog if you’re interested in reading it.

Although, I did want to pass along one Prescott note that didn’t make the story. He and Tyler Russell have a very good relationship, which has made the transition significantly easier for Prescott this week. He said Russell made a point to tell him he’s behind him 100 percent.


Again for actual football, it should be relatively quiet as final preparations are done by coaches and team without any interviews interrupting them.

As for myself, I’ll have a story out in the morning that I’ve been working on for a couple weeks on the green concrete being used to build Davis Wade. It’s probably got the most inverse ratio of time spent working on the story to actual length, but I think I’ve finally gotten to where I understand what these engineers talk to me about. At least well enough to write a story on it, anyway. It’s a pretty neat deal, which I’ll obviously go more into tomorrow.

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One Response to The Notebook: 9-05

  1. Barbara Dunn Rogers says:

    Russ & I are so excited & can’t wait for the first game.
    Ring those COWBELLS!

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