Dan Mullen live blog: 9-09

At 1 p.m. Dan Mullen will have his weekly press conference and we’ll have live updates here. Mississippi State beat Alcorn State 51-7 over the weekend and travels to Auburn this Saturday. The Bulldogs and Tigers will kick off at 6 p.m. central on ESPN2.


He’s here! Let’s do it…

Mullen: “Not that the non-conference games aren’t huge, but these are the games you play for.”

Mullen says first SEC game, Auburn lately, is important. “It can really give you a boost, or it can be a big knock.”

Mullen says he expects Tyler Russell “practicing and doing some things today,” but being cautious. Not many specifics now. He did specify he will be very off-limits to contact if he does go.

On all the running backs – eight guys got carries Saturday, I think – Mullen says they love to roll through some guys. Good to get backups ready, too, in case of injury.

What if Prescott has to start Saturday? “I’m very confident in Dak and our team is very confident in Dak.”

Mullen talking about the interesting aspects of scouting for Auburn. All new staff and coordinators. Says you can look at some of their old schools, even Auburn from a few years before when Gus Malzahn was offensive coordinator, “But that’s not this year’s team. It may not be what they do.”

“We’ve had two totally different styles of games,” Mullen said, “So we’ve gotta see how it plays out.” Says Auburn “Will be a good test. The team is still kind of developing their personality.”

On playing freshmen, Mullen says first the question is are they ready, then it’s a matter of deciding if they will get enough reps to warrant playing and burning a redshirt.

On Chris Jones, Mullen says whether he plays tackle or end is dictated by match-up most weeks. Says Jones gives them an athlete inside against spread teams.

Mullen: “I think that urgency, the sense of how big an SEC game is, is there.”

On Tyler Russell watching from sideline Saturday, Mullen cracks, “He got a nice tan. It was hot.” Did add, seriously, that it’s a nice thing for him to be able to watch with a different perspective, viewing from the sideline rather than on the field.

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