The Notebook: 9-09

So, How Was Your Day?

I hope y’all like quesadillas, because that’s what the offensive line is bringing. One way or another, I got into a conversation with right guard Ben Beckwith about Taco Bell and the adventures he, center Dillon Day and left guard Gabe Jackson have when thinking outside the bun.

“We wreck that place,” he told me.

Outside of fast food and fourth meals, we talked to Beckwith about his first start, too, which he got Saturday against Alcorn State. He rooms with Gabe Jackson at the team hotel on Friday nights, and thought it was funny as Jackson just relaxed while Beckwith couldn’t stop going over plays on his iPad. Jackson, an All-American, had done this plenty of times. Beckwith had not, though he told us he thought he played pretty well. I would tend to agree.

We also talked to Dan Mullen in his weekly press conference (highlights below on the blog) and it was a pretty standard chat without a ton of information, as expected. Part of that involves Tyler Russell’s status for Auburn this weekend still being unclear, then I can’t imagine Mullen and the coaching staff want to give away too much information in advance of their first SEC game, either.

One note on a non-SEC game: kickoff for Mississippi State and Troy in Starkville next week was announced for 6:30 central on FSN, so plan accordingly.

It should be noted, as well, that both the men’s and women’s golf teams are in action this week. Ally McDonald posted an 18-hole school-record of six-under-par 66 yesterday. Suffice to say, she’s doing well.


Practice was later than usual tonight, meaning no player or coach interviews afterward. The result will be lots of interviewing tomorrow evening after practice, so look for that. I’m working on a story about Geoff Collins’ defense (imagine that) that has a bit of a different angle, and hopefully I’ll get the last of the needed sound bites tomorrow.

Elsewhere in the athletic department, the marketing and media relations staff have an a.m. meeting to discuss how the first home game went from a fan experience perspective. Most reviews I’ve seen or heard have been positive, but any feedback is appreciated, that I know.

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One Response to The Notebook: 9-09

  1. Lamar Conerly says:

    I didn’t experience it, but the talk is about the entrance to the elevator on the SW corner and its door being on the first floor and not on the ground level. What’s the deal on that?


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