The Notebook: 9-12

So, How Was Your Day?

In the world of Mississippi State athletics, things were pretty quiet today. That’s to be expected, of course, as it’s Thursday and MSU plays its first SEC football game of the season on Saturday at Auburn.

I sat in on a portion of the preparations for that game, which you can read in the next post down.

Depending when you read this, Dan Mullen is either about to or will have already had his weekly Dawg Talk radio show at Buffalo Wild Wings. If he offers any updates I’ll be sure to pass them along, though I don’t imagine he will share any more specifics than he has at this point, including what will happen at quarterback for the Bulldogs.

I did want to make sure and share, I talked with freshman point guard IJ Ready, video at the bottom, who was a very nice guy. The basketball team starts preparations for the season sooner than we realize and my understanding is that Ready will be a big part of what MSU does this season. Rick Ray has certainly said good things about him.


It’s a big day on campus, as  Jenny Hazelwood’s volleyball team plays twice and Aaron Gordon’s soccer team opens a weekend tournament, all at home. I’ll share updates from those events, as well as anything else that comes along.

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