A busy Maroon Friday

Happy Maroon Friday, everybody. I hope it finds you well.

ZMVOIVLCWFWYVBK.20130907220532It’s a fun and busy one in the athletic department, outside of an impromptu viewing of Not Top 10 on SportsCenter earlier this morning.

In football, final preparations are being made to travel to Auburn (Montgomery, technically) for the game tomorrow, after the team goes through a final walkthrough at some point this afternoon.

Meanwhile, things are getting busy on campus. Volleyball begins the day shortly with its opening match of the Bulldog Invitational at 12:30 against Niagara. Jenny Hazelwood’s team will play again at 6:30 against Wofford (where they’re giving out 100 free frisbees), followed by the soccer team kicking off against Furman at 7:30 in the Bulldog Classic.

And should you like to make a night of it, the Student Association is showing Fast and the Furious 6 on the video board in Davis Wade Stadium at 9.

As for the rest of the weekend, I’ll have The Rundown up tomorrow morning for MSU-Auburn, volleyball plays two more matches tomorrow and soccer plays again on Sunday for Sundae Sunday with free ice cream.

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