Big weekend in Starkville

Before leaving for Auburn, I got to go watch MSU’s volleyball team play Friday as they beat Niagara to open the Bulldog Invitational.

DCYNXUZOGXDEJYE.20130903175502By the time I got back Saturday evening, the Bulldogs had finished the weekend 4-0, sweeping the tournament and advancing to a 7-4 overall record.

The full story is available here.

Also over the weekend in Starkville, Aaron Gordon’s soccer team split two matches in the Bulldog Classic, ending the weekend with a Sunday victory over Jackson State (story here).

MSU’s all-time leading goal-scorer Elisabeth Sullivan had another career day, recording the Bulldogs’ first hat trick since 2001.

A noteworthy note from Gordon on Twitter: MSU put eight freshmen into the starting lineup Sunday. To clarify, there are only 11 starting positions. So yeah, that’s a lot, and it worked out.

And while this wasn’t in Starkville, one more MSU team had a successful weekend, with cross country securing two top-five finishes in the Commodore Classic, which can be read about here.

As for football, scroll down a post if you missed my Sunday ThingamaBob column yesterday on the Auburn game, and check back in a few hours for more from Dan Mullen as we’ll visit with him for his weekly press conference at 1 p.m.

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  1. Sherry Byrne says:

    Love your articles! You are a very talented writer.

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