The Notebook: 9-16

So, How Was Your Day?

BMYKUVGEDTYTDFB.20130915020613The last thing I saw before I left MSU’s practice field tonight was a fully-grown man sprinting straight at me as I stood in the end zone and looked up from my phone. Mississippi State’s strength coach Matt Balis had joined in the post-practice fun and ran a route, catching a touchdown from quarterback Dak Prescott.

The more important part of the story is Prescott and several of his receivers staying after practice to throw passes and run routes. It eventually turned into lighthearted fun, but it’s one of those things you see both from leaders and from people who don’t want to lose again.

That I saw, Malcolm Johnson, Joe Morrow, Brandon Holloway, Jameon Lewis and a handful of others I didn’t jot down joined Prescott after practice.

We also talked to a few people afterward, including offensive coordinator Les Koenning. He had good things to say about Prescott, including a story about him always being the first to check his practice and game grades and waiting in the meeting room to ask Koenning how he can improve.

Koenning also spoke a bit about the offense under Prescott, saying he was very pleased with the team not committing any turnovers last weekend and that having Prescott in the game “certainly changes” the type of rush attack they can have.

Also, make sure you check out the next post below where we recapped Dan Mullen’s entire press conference earlier this afternoon.


The Bulldogs practice a bit late again and we’ll chat with players and a coach or two afterward.

Elsewhere, the off-field side of the athletic department is making its usual preparations for a home game with MSU hosting Troy this weekend.

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