The Notebook: 9-19

So, How Was Your Day

LUCRJPLCGNVZXVR.20100908220943Like many Thursdays are, today was particularly productive around the athletic department, myself included. The final timing meeting for Saturday’s game of everything happening off the field took place this afternoon, with the appearances of everything being prepared to run smoothly.

If you missed it, one of the more entertaining things I’ve put together came out earlier, a collection of the top 50 Dak Prescott puns seen on Twitter. They were pretty great. Scroll one down to check it out.

And Scott Stricklin had a chat this afternoon talking about a variety of topics. A good dozen are worth discussing, so rather than re-hash it all here, it may be better to click the link here and read it all.

Of note, he did say, as of this afternoon at 3, there were only 140 tickets left for Troy, meaning MSU is likely to record its 25th-straight sellout this weekend.

As I type this, Dan Mullen is moments away from his final public appearance of the week, Dawg Talk with Dan Mullen at Buffalo Wild Wings from 7-8 in Starkville. If anything pertinent arises from that, I’ll be sure to pass it along.


At some point tomorrow, I plan on sitting down with John Cohen for a few minutes and getting a video talking about a few big baseball topics, so be on the look out for that.

Today, I talked with Addie Tomlin, a sophomore defender on the soccer team, and I expect that video will be up tomorrow, as well.

And what I’m particularly excited about (weather permitting) is happening tomorrow afternoon. MSU’s Erica Bougard is the National Champion in the pentathlon (sprint, hurdles, high jump, long jump and shotput) and I’ll be competing against her in all five areas tomorrow for a video. I’ve never done any, so it ought to be entertaining.


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