The Notebook: 9-24

So, How Was Your Day

1016961_642856372393515_508026780_nFor the first time since Saturday, we heard from Dan Mullen this evening as the Bulldogs had their first practice of the off week.

On the quarterbacks, he did tell us that Tyler Russell starting against LSU is “still the plan,” though he said in practice it’s not necessarily Russell or Dak Prescott taking all the reps with the ones. In this off week, a lot of different guys are rolling in and out with the ones and twos, pretty much a mish-mash of guys, so saying either is working with the ones isn’t entirely accurate.

On Prescott, Mullen talked a touch about his mobility and how much they do or don’t use it, saying “if they’re gonna let Dak run, we’ll let Dak run.”

Defensively, Mullen got into an interesting conversation about depth, saying a team has to be “30-deep if you wanna be really good in this league.” Basically, he said, you need 2 1/2 guys for every position.

On that defense, Mullen said he’s been impressed with young linemen Nelson Adams and AJ Jefferson. The redshirt freshmen have been playing a lot and playing well, which Mullen attributes to taking advantage of opportunities.

As for what the the Dawgs work on this week, Mullen said the primary focuses are pass protection, third downs and fits on defense.

More on this tomorrow (I hope), but we did get confirmation on piece of history. Prescott and Jameon Lewis each passing, catching and rushing for a touchdown on Saturday was the first time ever in the SEC for teammates to accomplish the feat.


Earlier this afternoon, I spent a good portion of time on MSU’s volleyball court for a video coming out tomorrow (I believe) on how students can win $10,000 at games. The video was fun and I think the contest will be, too.

We’ve also got a few Meet Your Bulldogs videos coming out over the rest of the week, as well as the pentathlon competition with Erica Bougard. Hopefully we can keep you entertained during the off week.

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