The Notebook: 10-01

So, How Was Your Day?

Stick (3)Thanks to the wonders of Novocain, it’s been more pleasant than a day with mouth trouble might be expected to be.

It’s been a relatively slow day news-wise, but we do have several notes to pass along form the last two days.

MSU-Bowling Green will kick off at 6:30 next Saturday, we learned yesterday. Broadcast on FSN, the game, of course, is MSU’s Homecoming. (Working on a cool story about Dan Mullen’s past for that one.)

We caught up with Mullen yesterday for his weekly press conference, this one in advance of his team hosting LSU on Saturday. The highlights are worth perusing.

We also caught up with Rick Ray last night after the Bulldogs had their first practice of the year. Ray is opting for shorter practices, with the understood deal that players will go harder the time they’re in there and remain focused.

I always find notes like these interesting: Ray told us who the leaders were when guys needed to get things right. Tyson Cunningham, Fred Thomas and Roquez Johnson. Good to see from those guys.

On a baseball note (practice starts next week) MSU just announced they’ll be seeking input/feedback from fans on renovations of Dudy Noble Field. There are two dates for doing so, one in Starkville on October 14 and one in Jackson on October 15. More info here. Scott Stricklin said in a chat last week that MSU is in the very-early stages of preparing for renovation at DNF, with no concrete plans (pun intended). We may not have many specifics, but it’s a cool opportunity for those who will be sitting at The Dude to help design The Dude.

A final in-progress note from today, MSU women’s golf is entering the final round of its tournament at Old Waverly with a pretty commanding 10-stroke lead, after finishing yesterday with an eight-stroke lead. I’ll be sure to pass along final results when they become available.

And this is just something I found interesting. Jon Solomon from the Birmingham News ran some numbers and found college football attendance in FBS to be down three percent in the opening month from last season. Not entirely surprising, but the interesting part is the follow-up from Chuck Dunlap in the SEC office, who shared that the SEC’s total percent capacity is actually up 1.54 percent from this time last year.

Maybe it’s just me, but attendance is a topic I continually find interesting on a national, regional and local level. I may need to chat with Scott Stricklin about it, who seems to have taken a good approach to it.


Later this evening, MSU football coaches and players will visit with local reporters to chat some more, so we can expect updates from that.

I’m also working on a story about MSU’s curious (to us) quarterback situation and how tough it is to discern.

Speaking of the future, I did want to pass along this hype video from football for the LSU game.

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