Talkin’ turf with John Cohen


As you may (or may not) have heard, Mississippi State is installing a bit of turf at Dudy Noble. The field itself will remain grass, of course, but the foul line base paths, foul territory and area behind home plate have changed to turf.

Naturally curious, I talked to John Cohen about the change to his baseball field. More extensive conversation/info is in the video above, but here are the bullet points from him.

  • MSU is actually “behind” in doing this, something most schools in the SEC have done.
  • It adds speed to hitters’ home-to-first time, something Cohen believes complements his fast and athletic team.
  • It improves the drainage significantly, something that is regularly an issue in the unpredictable spring months of weather, with flooding of dugouts having been on occasional issue..
  • While it looks different now, once everything is completely installed and the rye grass outfield and infield has been re-grown, any color difference should be minimal at most, Cohen said.
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