Leftover highlights from MSU-LSU

In a couple hours here, we’ll officially make the transition to Bowling Green and Mississippi State’s Homecoming game this Saturday, but I found myself watching highlights from MSU-LSU (you can watch them, too, right here) and wanted to hit on a couple things that stood out.

VOWVOKUXFVXULIS.20131006012001We talked yesterday in the ThingamaBob about how well freshman defensive lineman Chris Jones played, and his numbers certainly back that up with four tackles, two for loss, a sack and two quarterback hurries. But watching the highlights, his biggest moment didn’t show up on his line.

Nickoe Whitley’s interception in the second quarter was a big momentum shifter, and if you watch the replay, you’ll see it all happened because of Jones. He blew up the middle of the line, was almost ready to sack Zach Mettenberger and extended his long arms in front of Mettenberger’s face, forcing him to throw the bad pass Whitley ultimately intercepted.

Sticking with the defensive line, if you watch that highlight video, redshirt freshmen end A.J. Jefferson is involved in nearly every defensive highlight. He only showed up with one tackle on the final stat sheet, but like many linemen, his impact isn’t limited to concrete numbers.

On offense, we’ve already talked some about junior receiver Jameon Lewis, but at this point, I’m not sure it would be possible to talk about him too much. The way he’s blossomed taking over for the departed Chad Bumphis has been impressive. LSU entered the game knowing they had to stop ‘Tubby’ and they still couldn’t do it.

Pardon my slow learning for those who watched on TV and got to see more replays than those of us at the stadium, but re-watching some of his catches and subsequent runs, he’s in another world of making people miss.

Oh, and his touchdown from Tyler Russell is probably one of the best throws and catches we’ll see all season.

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3 Responses to Leftover highlights from MSU-LSU

  1. keith ousterhout says:

    Thanks for noting some of the positives. It was a fun game to watch, until the 4th qtr. Really impressed with the effort from both sides of the ball.

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