The Notebook: 10-07

So, How Was Your Day

Monday was pretty busy, actually, around the athletic department.

The morning started with a monthly gathering called Motivational Monday, an early-morning session with coffee, donuts and an in-house speaker. It was softball coach Vann Stuedeman this morning.

Another notable event was a walk-through this morning of basketball game days. Weird to think we’re that close after only five football games, but MSU basketball is fast approaching.

In football news, Jameon Lewis (all-purpose) and Preston Smith (defensive lineman) were both named honorable mention players of the week by the College Football Performance Awards.

We also heard from Dan Mullen this morning (one post down), a little about LSU and a lot of Bowling Green. Then later this evening after practice, we caught up with Les Koenning, Tyler Russell, LaDarius Perkins and Jameon Lewis.

The offensive players and coaches generally liked what they say out of each other over the weekend, though most game some form of a statement saying certain things need to be executed and cleaned up better. Catch video of that at the bottom.

In non-gridiron action, the MSU women’s golf team was named the GolfWeek Team of the Week after a dominating performance as host of the Old Waverly Bulldog Classic.


I’m not sure exactly which day they’ll come out, but I’ve got a few stories I’m in the process of finishing up. The big one is on Dan and Megan Mullen, how they met at Bowling Green (who MSU plays this weekend, of course), how they got engaged and what brought them to Starkville. I’m really excited about it. Lengthy story, but it would be hard to be much more in-depth without having lived their lives with them.

I’ve also got a post coming on some other relationships which started at Bowling Green, but I’ll save the details on that one for later.

Then, finally, a story on one of the guys you never hear about who makes MSU’s football program run.

In interview news, we’ll be chatting with defensive coaches and players tomorrow night after practice.


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