The Notebook: 10-10

So, How Was Your Day

EUKDXIJMWECMDCP.20131006013553There’s a reason for it, but within the athletic department – and across campus in general – the preparations for this week and Bowling Green have been busier than those for LSU last Saturday.

Of course, the reason for that is this being Homecoming and all of the events going on around it.

Speaking of that Homecoming, scroll down to the next post if you haven’t yet read the story of Dan and Megan Mullen meeting at Bowling Green. See if you can finish without craving a pork chop.

Yesterday, MSU had its on-campus media day for baseball as fall practice starts tomorrow. John Cohen and his players hit a lot of points, though one of the big things is the health of the team, as MSU will be without several players to start fall ball, though most if not all should be back in action soon. Much more on the start of practice can be found here.

I also wanted to pass along this online feedback page about the future of Dudy Noble for those who can’t make MSU’s in-person meetings. A good opportunity to voice your opinion.

Oh, and we’ve got basketball things happening. I don’t know how to post instagram videos on here, but if you look up @CoachBauman on Twitter, he’s posted some cool videos from practice today, including our first look at freshman point guard IJ Ready.

In the world of football, Mullen has Dawg Talk at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight, his last public comments before Saturday’s game. I’ll be guest emceeing, and while I’m not entirely sure what that entails, it ought to be fun.

For that game, MSU is down to less than 30 tickets left, so it looks like the sellout streak will grow to 27.

Oh, and this is only vaguely sports, but I wanted to pass it along. I got to the fun. concert put on by Music Makers Wednesday night and it was a blast. But I bring it up to tell two quick stories.

1) Midway through the show, the guitarist did something he usually does in shows and walked around playing a guitar solo and having a good time on stage. What he didn’t realize was the three riffs of a very familiar song he played were enough to get the MSU fans going. Once he started the song, the crowd finished it and did the entire “Hey, go State! We’re gonna beat the hell outta you!” cheer.

The singer stopped everything he was doing and watched, amazed by what was going on. Once it finished, he gave a countdown and got the crowd to do it again.

In the two years they’ve been on tour (Wednesday was their last show in a 24-month tour) he said none of the college campuses they’ve played at have ever spontaneously erupted in the fight song midway through.

2) At the end of the show, fun. left the stage and the natural cheers for an encore began. But instead of chanting “One-more-song,” the crowd started the “Maroon-White” cheer. It was loud and strong and got the band back out for not one but three extra songs.

Like I said, not entirely sports, but thought it was a cool note.


My goodness is there a lot going on tomorrow.

I’ll have a quick story up about Mullen and the many coaches on this MSU staff who got their start together at Bowling Green, then hopefully a story one of the most important people you’ve never heard of in MSU’s football program.

Maroon Madness in The Junction is tomorrow night at 6, and I’m pretty excited. The weather should be good, the pizza and t-shirts will be free and the men’s and women’s basketball teams will be putting on a show. It should be a lot of fun.

After that, the soccer plays No. 8 Florida at 7.

And in the afternoon before it all is the baseball team’s first scrimmage of the fall.

How’s all that for a Maroon Friday?

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