The Notebook: 10-28

So, How Was Your Day?

My day was great. Dak Prescott’s, though? Apparently someone kicked him. And not at football practice.

YZVUEBGLDGZPJZW.20131013023523Mississippi State’s sophomore quarterback told us the story after practice. He was walking down engineering row on campys near the health center, eyes down as he texted on the phone, when he saw someone nearby him walk right next to him and stop moving.

As Dak’s eyes glanced upward, the stranger kicked him in the left shin and ran off.

“It was a pretty good kick, too,” Prescott told the media. “I mean, it hurt.”

Dak tried to yell at him and get him to stop, half out of annoyance and half out of curiosity as to why a perfect stranger would walk up and kick him. But, alas, the Starkville Shinkicker made his escape, responding to none of Prescott’s calls.

The good news, though, is that no actual or serious damage was done.

More than anything, I question the sanity of an average student who thinks it a good idea to kick a 6’2″, 230-pound SEC football player for no reason.

Dak did get some good news, however, as ESPN named him the Capitol One Performer of the Week after his big game against Kentucky.

In addition to him, Jameon Lewis earned recognition from the Hornung Award (given annually to the most versatile player in college football) for scoring three different ways against the Wildcats, the second time this season Lewis has completed the hat trick.

Senior guard Gabe Jackson earned honors, as well, being named the SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week, while junior Malcolm Johnson earned tight end of the week recognition after his big performance against UK.

All told, that’s four national honors for the Bulldogs after their win last Thursday.

Now, of course, they head to South Carolina, which you can read more about in the post below from Dan Mullen’s weekly press conference.

A bit of volleyball news to pass along, too, as Kimmy Gardiner was named Co-SEC Freshman of the Week after two big games for Jenny Hazelwood’s squad over the weekend.

And finally, if you missed any of the baseball talk, scroll two posts down where you’ll find a lengthy update on fall ball, with standouts at the plate, on the mound and among the newcomers.


Hopefully tomorrow, but possibly Thursday, I’ll have a story on Lewis and the player he’s become. He was actually recruited as a cornerback and started on the defensive side of the ball when he got to campus.

Lucky for him and the offense, he made the switch to receiver. Otherwise, we’ll be visiting with players and assistants after football practice tomorrow night and I plan on catching up with the softball team tomorrow, as well, after they had what I’ll call an interesting day.

I’m also hoping to chat with basketball coaches and players soon. Rick Ray’s team opens exhibition play this weekend. That snuck up on us quick.

On that basketball front, Ray and Vic Schaefer made their rounds tonight visiting with fraternities and sororities, talking to them about the upcoming season. Based on Twitter, the response was good, though I sadly was not in attendance for the visits.

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