The Notebook: 11-01

So, How Was Your Day?

Friday at lunch seems like a good time to catch up on the last couple days, right?

EYAPJTMRUWXOKTH.20130922024918It’s our last check-in before MSU plays at South Carolina tomorrow, which interestingly is the Bulldogs’ first road game since September.

As football goes, Dan Mullen seems to think his team is pretty healthy going in, as does USC head coach Steve Spurrier, who made it sound like quarterback and starter Connor Shaw will be good to go, despite both injury and illness in recent days and weeks.

I looked through some of the SEC stats and it ought to be a fun game, with both teams near each other in most statistical categories, particularly scoring and points allowed.

Off the gridiron, the MSU cross country teams competed in SEC Championships today where the men finished ninth and the women 10th.

On Sunday, Rick Ray’s men’s basketball team has its first exhibition game, which I mention to say that has announced live-streaming plans for the men’s and women’s seasons, including exhibition, which you can check out here.

I also wanted to mention soccer, largely because senior forward Elisabeth Sullivan scored the final goal she needed to set the single-season goals record in MSU’s season finale last night. She was already firmly in first place all-time as MSU’s leading point scorer in the history of the program.

One final note before we hit the world of tomorrow. The baseball team received their College World Series finalists rings this week and I was lucky enough to be there as they got them. The team was A) very excited and B) motivated to get one next time that says national champs. You can watch the video of it here, including a quick interview with Wes Rea.


Speaking of baseball, the team has open scrimmages today at 4, Saturday at 1 and Sunday at 12. Brandon Woodruff, back from injury, will be pitching Saturday, so I’ll be out there to watch after football finishes up. Anyone in the area, feel free to come join.

Also, volleyball is on the road this weekend, playing at Alabama tonight and at Auburn on Sunday at 3 p.m. on CSS, so tune in, if ya like.

Finally, the last event of the weekend is basketball’s exhibition against Auburn Montgomery in The Hump on Sunday at 3. Again, I’ll be there, so check be here at the end of the weekend for more from the court.

I sat in on a basketball meeting this week, and did want to pass along something interesting I learned that will apply to the season. The SEC is cracking down on what they call “large distraction devices” behind visiting baskets, such as posters, pinwheels, balloons and the like.

Now, this only applies to the end of the court the visiting team is shooting on, and only to the area behind the goal. So, to be clear, those things aren’t banned from arenas, they’re just not be used behind the goal while the visitor has the ball or is shooting. Not sure it will have any huge ramifications on college basketball or anything like that, but thought it was noteworthy enough to pass along.

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