Dan Mullen live-blog: Texas A&M week

At 1 p.m., Dan Mullen will hold his weekly press conference, this one in advance of Mississippi State playing at Texas A&M this weekend. The Bulldogs and Aggies will kick off at 2:30 central on CBS.

Live updates below.


Mullen on the passing of Dak Prescott’s mom, Peggy: “We’re a very tight-knit program and when someone within has to go through that, it’s a very difficult situation for all of us.”

On Texas A&M, Mullen calls them “One of, if not THE best, offenses in the country.”

More Mullen, “We’re going from playing the best defensive player in the country [Clowney] to probably the best offensive player in the country [Manziel].”

Talking more about Prescott’s mom, Mullen says she was an incredible mother and the best credit he can give is to say he hopes his own son comes out like Dak.

Going back to Johnny Manziel, Mullen says he’s more triple-threat than dual-threat. “He can pass, he can run, and third, he can improvise.” Says it’s tough to account for that skill, as well as all the weapons the Aggies have.

Talking South Carolina, Mullen said film review was interesting. Defensively, they held USC to 3-and-outs on half their drives, but then turnovers gave them short fields. Offense moved well, but then mistakes ended drives. Had almost double the number of first downs as Gamecocks.

On Clowney, Mullen said team did a good job of minimizing his impact, didn’t allow him to get a sack. Said MSU had a plan on how to help with him and executed it well.

Mullen said they don’t have a timeline on when Prescott will return football, adding that he hasn’t even thought about that. Once arrangements for his mom are figured out and everything is done, and then when Dak is ready, he said “he’ll have out full support.”

On that note, Tyler Russell, Mullen said, should be 100 percent healthy this weekend, aided by him being able to rest against South Carolina.

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