The Notebook: 11-4

So, How Was Your Day?

YZVUEBGLDGZPJZW.20131013023523It was both a busy and somber Monday at Mississippi State. We met with Dan Mullen for his weekly press conference (highlights in the next post down) at the Seal Football Complex, where a feeling of grievance hung in the air following the passing of Dak Prescott’s mom early Sunday morning.

The team was off today (back tomorrow) so we didn’t get to catch up with any players. They’ll be practicing all week, though the opportunity is available for those close to Dak and his family to travel to Louisiana for the funeral on Wednesday, for those who see fit to do so.

In other football news, we got a little bit of info on Mississippi State hosting Alabama next Saturday. The game will kick off at either 6 on ESPN2 or 6:45 on ESPN, so it’s a night game no matter the decision. CBS will decide soon which other SEC game they will air in the afternoon, thus giving ESPN their choices for filling their two evening SEC slots.

This last note doesn’t relate to a game, but is interesting nonetheless. Clemson had a group of coaches and administrators in Starkville today touring MSU’s recently-completed football facility as they research ideas for a complex of their own they plan to build in the future.

It’s cool, one, because a top-five program is looking at MSU’s facilities for inspiration, and two, because former MSU offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey was a part of the envoy the Tigers sent, a member of their staff now.

I’ll have more coming from baseball soon, but I did want to pass along some observations from the weekend. One of the nice things about not making the trip to South Carolina was getting to watch Cohen’s team scrimmage.

I’ll hit three quick thoughts here:

1. Junior pitcher Brandon Woodruff looked like he was in mid-season form in his first real action. He topped out at 96 MPH. He put down five-straight batters before leaving the mound, not allowing a hit in his quick stint.

2. Junior pitcher Jacob Lindgren looked great, as well, topping out around 95 with a bunch of groundouts and only allowing one hit.

3. Wes Rea was good, as usual, but I made a point to watch him all weekend and what we already knew keeps getting confirmed: he’s the dad of this team. As close to a coach on the field as it gets, Rea is the unquestioned leader of the group and I even caught him coaching freshmen pitchers during scrimmages.


This technically qualifies as tonight since I’m sitting here now, but we’ll have more from the women’s basketball exhibition against Shorter (the noun, not the adjective).

We’re also catching up with football players tomorrow night, then Wednesday we’ll have basketball’s on-campus media day and a baseball scrimmage, plus a big volleyball game at home against Ole Miss on ESPNU

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