Starkville kindergarteners tour MSU’s athletic facilities

On Tuesday morning, Mrs. McLemore’s kindergarten class had the good fortune of securing a tour of Mississippi State’s football, baseball and basketball stadiums for a fun local field trip.

I followed the two dozen five-year-olds (and chauffeurs) as they started at Davis Wade Stadium by trying on helmets and jerseys in the locker room, playing on Scott Field, touring the club level and press box areas, finishing with lunch in the M Club (hot dogs, mac and cheese, ham sandwiches and MSU ice cream).

photoThe most popular part of that tour was likely the sprinklers still running on the field, which they ran directly for after being told to avoid them. I also felt bad for the poor kid who was incredibly disappointed when he found out the Seal Building was not, in fact, a home for seals.

The next stop was The Hump, where they met Bully, followed by playing on the baseball field in the Palmeiro Center then watching a few players take batting practice at Dudy Noble Field.

The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, even if half the fun was just finding new places to play Ring Around the Rosy or yell “Who let the dogs out?!”

I took notes as I went, writing down things I heard the kids say. Below are all of those quotes with absolutely no context provided.


“Oh, wow!”

“My brother goes in the locker room for games.”

“Look at the Bulldog.”

“What size is this?”

“I don’t want to try on the clothes.”

“I found something in my shoe.”

“Let’s tackle each other!”

“Tyler Russell is my favorite.”

“Where’s LaDarius?”

“Let’s stay over here where it’s safe.”

“Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy, ashes to ashes…”

“I’m Coach Mullen!”
“I’m LaDarius!”

“Put your feet together.”

“Dance around us!”

“You have small arms now.”

“Who let the dawgs out?” /does the Dawg Pound Rock. Sort of.

“I’m not scared.”

“Whose head is this little?”

“I can’t believe I had the full suit on!”

“That looks like a scoreboard. Is it a scoreboard?”
“It’s a clock.”
“Well, it looks like a scoreboard.”

“He’s gonna get wet.”

“Hey, go State!”

“Mississippi State takes the field.”

“I just pooted.”

“Where’s my shoe?”

“Gator bait!”

/unintelligible screaming

“He’s fragile.”


“I got in the sprinkler, too!”

“Will it be scary?”

“I want nachos.”

“Bully goes to school here.”

“What’s a Seal Building?”
“We’re going to eat in there.”
“Do they have seals?”

“Whoa! It’s a schedule! Hey guys, look at this!”

“A rainbow!”
“That is not a rainbow. You know why? Because water and sun make a rainbow and God didn’t make water.”

“What’s the black stuff?”

“When do we eat?”

“Are y’all boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“I don’t wanna go to the bathroom.”

“Push it!”
Push it!”

“That’s not an amazing word!”

“It feels weird.”

“It sounds like a bell.” /does a jig

“Soon, our stadium will be the biggest stadium in the world.”

“What’s your name?”
“I like that name.”
“Sometimes people think it’s Julia.”

“I like vanilla!”

“Can we go in there?”

“Juice, juice, juice.”

“It’s scary here, too.”

“Oh, that was awesome!”

“I’m telling! … He pulled on my shirt, Mrs. McLemore!”

“Fish tail and a bubble!”

“We’re on top of the stadium!”

“I’m scared of heights.”

“I don’t wanna fall of that!”

“Just the two of us.”

“We want ice cream.”

“Why were you with the grown-ups?”

“S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!”

“Why are they watering the touchdown?”

“Have we been around the world? My leg is tired. It’s magic.”

“Why did they leave us again?”

“Yogurt. That’s crazy.”

“I just want the bun.”

“It feels weird when I eat because I got a tooth out.”

“I can’t even see my face in it.”

“I like banana pudding and chips.”

“Beanie weenies!”

“I want ketchup.”

“Two desserts!”

“I dropped my macaroni.”

“Say cheese.”
“Mashed potatoes!”

“Bob? That’s a funny name. Bob, Bob, Bob.”

“He can’t talk.”

“Oh, nice and soft!”

Water, are you crazy?!”

“Move so I can slide!”

“I’m thirsty!”

“Don’t hit me with your four fingers.”

“There’s Wes Rea!”

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5 Responses to Starkville kindergarteners tour MSU’s athletic facilities

  1. Vicki Sartin says:

    That was awesome!

  2. Isabel McLemore says:

    Awesome job! I laughed out loud. Only from the mouths of babes! Glad there is a disclaimer that all of that is out of context (or it might seem weird, ha). Thanks for documenting such a wonderful trip. -Mrs. McLemore

  3. Tracey Buckner says:

    Hilarious!!!! It was soon much fun and everyone had a fantastic time! Loved all the quotes! Thanks Bob!

  4. Michael Valentine says:

    Bob, thanks for this! I am guessing Gabe made the comments about Tyler Russell and watering the touchdown. What a fun day and article!

  5. Jennifer Hadad says:

    “Don’t hit me with your four fingers’? really? that’s funny stuff. I’m gonna tell your fan club to say that next time you see them. Actually, they probably wouldn’t mind, because they miss Bob! And they don’t think you have a funny name. And why were you hitting the children, Bob?

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