Through Dak, Peggy Prescott’s legacy lives on

In this profession, we’re not supposed to pick favorites or show bias to any person or entity. But it’s difficult to spend much time around Dak Prescott and not like him. Mississippi State’s sophomore quarterback is energetic, happy, uplifting and driven, which is why it hurt so much when news came of the passing of his mother from her fight against cancer.

prescottI didn’t know Peggy Prescott, but I know her son, and the way he lives his life tells me what I need to know about the woman who raised him.

Dan Mullen put it as well as anyone could when he said the best compliment he could offer a mother is to say he hopes his children come out like hers.

The mom of three boys, Peggy’s personality shone in all of them, and the same strength she showed raising them in Louisiana is seen in Dak as he bounces back from hits, interceptions or losses.

Her enthusiasm and energy evident again when he celebrates touchdowns with his teammates, whether he scored them or not.

The way Dak treats people, friend or foe, stranger or companion, shows how big his heart is, inherited from and nurtured by Peggy through 20-something years of guidance.

He’s always the first to encourage someone who struggles, be it a teammate after a miscue or a friend in trying times, and the first smiling face anyone sees in a celebration of success. His love for people comes from being loved so dearly by his mom, his No. 1 fan.

This isn’t a story about Dak, and he wouldn’t want it to be, but a tribute that mother who raised him. To hear her son talk about her and see the response from those who knew her, the world was better for Peggy having been in it, thousands touched by her life, whether by her or through the ones she cared so deeply for.

In her last months, Peggy’s deepest desire was to spend more time with her family, to see Dak do what he loved so much, play football.

Much time this fall was spent by many on ‘Huddle Up For Cancer’, a benefit in Peggy’s honor to help parents in her position travel to see their children play while dealing with the pain and treatments of cancer.

She made it to many of Dak’s games in his life, though not all. When MSU traveled to Auburn in September, Peggy wasn’t able to make the trip, despite her strongest wishes. But she was with Dak either way, there in person or not.

And he acknowledged her in his own personal way.

“Keep your eyes open for Dak pointing to me after he scores,” she said.

And he did it.

The night before Dak’s first start of his career, against Alcorn State on September 7, son texted mother to thank her for getting him there, which she posted a picture of on her Facebook.

“As I close my eyes and await tomorrow,” Dak’s text read, “I just wanted to say I’m blessed and so thankful to have you as my mom! You’re the best mom/dad/coach I could ever ask for! Thank you so much for having me and allowing this life! I love you so much and ready for my first college start 🙂 goodnight! Can’t wait to see you on gameday!!”

Peggy’s earthly body may be laid to rest, but her spirit lives on as long as those who knew her continue to walk this world, her love alive in their beating hearts, her strength and devotion evident in the lives she touched and the sons she raised so well.

Dak’s big smile, unending positivity, passion and charisma stand as tribute and testament to the woman who made him the man he is.

Rest in peace, Peggy Prescott.

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12 Responses to Through Dak, Peggy Prescott’s legacy lives on

  1. Pam Ebarb says:

    AWESOME!! Thank you for this.
    P. Ebarb – Proud to be Peggy’s cousin!!

  2. Deb Hebert says:

    This had to be one of the most touching stories I have ever read or seen in my 50yrs on this earth. R.I.P. Peggy and God bless those fine young men that are your sons.

    Deb Hebert
    Classmate of Peggy’s from Vinton HIgh School

  3. Shirley says:

    This is a GREAT tribute to PEGGY PRECOTT……..THANKS from a home town friend…

  4. Al says:

    You are a hell of a good writer. Great article!

  5. Great tribute to Peggy , she came from a great family ,God will bless you for your words inspire

  6. Heather Adams says:

    This is amazing and beautiful and describes her nd Dak and their love for eachother PERFECTLY!!!! Keep your head up Dak!!! Shes watching you!!!!! She would want you to always strive for the best for she brought out the best in us all….I will always love you Ms. Peggy Prescott…my best friend….

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  8. angel f. says:

    Rip. I know one thing she raised some some awesome kids. I can only pray for their peace of mind and strength during this time of loss. “I know it’s gotta be better than living in this dirty world” may God keep you all covered in His blood”….

  9. Laura Anderson says:

    Awesome article and brought tears to my eyes. My daughter,Jamie Chandler and her friend Lisa Lawrence from Haughton and I drove to the memorial service and it was beautiful. Yes,Dak is a special young man raised by a great mom. She is smiling as he continues to strive to do all the best each time he is on the field. God bless you, Dak and I know your mom is proud of you. I know we here in Haughton are proud also.

    • Pam Ebarb says:

      How sweet of you to take the time to post this. Dak played a great game last night and I’m so honored that I was able to be there to support him along with others from our family. I’ve heard it said many times in the past week….the boy has heart!!!

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