The Notebook: 11-08

So, How Was Your Day?

Very maroon, as Friday often is.

photoPlenty has happened the last couple days, but I’ll start with one item which was kept under wraps. Yesterday, a four-man crew from ESPN headquarters flew down to Starkville to work on a long-term project focusing on Mississippi State baseball. The details are embargoed until next summer (mid-July, I believe), but I was allowed to share this little bit, including this picture from the Hall of Champions in the baseball office.

The two men pictured, I found out, have won Emmys for their previous work and half-joked about possibly winning more as they finished up yesterday, feeling like the shoot had gone very well. They did a bit more work this morning and are flying back to Connecticut this afternoon.

It was one of the first steps in a massive project that ought to be pretty cool. We’ll all probably forget this happened, but when the announcement comes next summer, hopefully our collective memories will be jogged.

While we’re on the subject of baseball, I wanted to share a story I heard yesterday while hanging out at the facilities.

I ran into Jonathan Holder, who still has long, lovely locks of hair hanging from his head, but his equally-intimidating facial hair, some have noticed, is no more.

My assumption was perhaps there was a lady in his life who wanted a clean-shaven man, or perhaps he wanted a fresh start for No Shave November.

Turns out, it was an accident. Holder was just trimming the beard when someone opened the door to his bathroom. He wasn’t scared or anything, but he instinctively turned to look, while forgetting to pull the razor away from his face. He immediately realized his mistake, turned to the mirror and saw the gash of pale white skin where thick black beard had been moments before.

Whoops. So he had to cut it all off and has started growing it back. Poor Holder.

In the world of football, a quick reminder that the game against Texas A&M airs at 2:30 c.t. on CBS tomorrow. If you’re in Starkville, radio superstar Bart Gregory will be broadcasting pre-game from The Veranda, but don’t let that stop you from eating there.

And for those who hadn’t heard, Dak Prescott has been back at practice after returning from his mother’s funeral on Wednesday. Dan Mullen said last night that Prescott will play, though in what capacity we don’t know. Tyler Russell is fully healthy and can start, so there is no particular pressure on Prescott. We’ll certainly monitor the quarterback situation Saturday.

It’s hard to imagine playing football after such a loss, but for Prescott, it may be even harder to imagine not playing right now. I wrote a bit yesterday about his mom and what an impressive woman she clearly was, just from knowing her son. It’s a difficult subject to talk about, naturally, but hopefully this helped show her the honor she is due.

Before football, however, we’ve got basketball tonight, with the women opening the season at Houston and the men tipping off their campaign here in Starkville at 7 against Prairie View A&M.

We had our on-campus media day with both programs on Wednesday, which you can read more extensively about here.

Oh, and students, MSU is giving you free pizza at every men’s and women’s game this year, starting tonight. A table will be set up in the concourse of the student section beginning about 30 minutes before the game. First-come, first-serve, I’m told.

In the newsy part of basketball, freshman point guard Jacoby Davis is not expected to play tonight as he continues to rehab from injury, but he is expected to be ready soon.

I’d imagine the starting lineup will likely be the same as the exhibition, with IJ Ready, Craig sWord, Fred Thomas, Colin Borchert and Gavin Ware as the 1-5, though the more experienced Trivante Bloodman over Ready wouldn’t be a shocking development.

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