Live updates from Dan Mullen’s press conference pre-Arkansas

At 1 p.m., Dan Mullen will meet with the media for his weekly Monday press conference. Mississippi State travels to Arkansas this weekend, kicking off at 11:21 a.m. on SEC TV.

Updates to come.


On QBs: “I know that’s everyone’s concern and I wish I had an answer for you.”

Mullen says both Tyler Russell and Dak Prescott are day-to-day with their injuries, will know more later in the week.

On true freshman QB Damian Williams: “The stage wasn’t too big for him. he came in and made some nice throws.”

Says he had previously wondered if they made a mistake playing him and now they’re really glad they did.

On the rest of the injury front, only other notable person is Deontae Skinner, who Mullen says is also day-to-day, but it sounds encouraging. Came close to playing against Alabama.

On Arkansas, Mullen says “they’ve been bit a lot by big plays. They play good defense, they play good defense, and then they give up a big play.”

Mullen says he’d cut a finger off so he could go play, but said he has to be a parent to injured players and do what’s best for them individually and long-term.

On Arkansas head coach Bret Beilema, Mullen says he’s a guy he never really knew and was touched when he got a letter from him after Nick Bell passed. Said it earned a lot of respect in his book.

Interesting to hear Mullen talk about making plays. Says sometimes guys look around and ask “who’s gonna make the play?” Using last year as an example, Mullen cited Tennessee driving the field, full of momentum, when Johnthan Banks ripped the ball out of a guy’s hands, picked up the fumble and did it all. He knew a play needed to be made, so he made it.

Now, Mullen says guys have to change from looking for someone else to make a play and get to where they decide to make the play on their own.

More interesting stuff from Mullen, asked about pressure from fans to win.

“Coaching in the SEC … I’ve been on the hot seat for five years … That’s part of it.”

In his office and on the field nearly all day, Mullen said stuff on the outside doesn’t affect him much. He thinks the people it can get to is the families. Kids in school, wives around town, etc., have to deal with it.

More Mullen: “You’re either out the door because you’re winning, or out the door because you’re losing … And I’ve been both! And I’m still here, and plan on being here for a while.”

On field goals, Mullen said it was interesting as a coach because Evan Sobiesk hit the kick completely clean. Ball went straight, had height and had burst, his plant leg was just aimed too far wide. Went where he aimed it, he was just at angle and aimed it too far wide.

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