The Notebook: 11-18

So, How Was Your Day?

It was great, but enough with the chit-chat, we’ve got a lot to get to. We’ll start with some happenings from the weekend.

Zac Randolph, dressed as John Cohen, receives his jersey from Commissioner Cohen

Zac Randolph, dressed as John Cohen, receives his jersey from Commissioner Cohen

On Sunday, the women’s basketball team beat the University of New Orleans 111-38. That’s not a typo. The Bulldogs forced 45 turnovers, which is also not a typo. Goodness. Mississippi State is now 3-0 and you can read the full recap here.

On another court, Roxanne McVey had a big weekend for the volleyball Bulldogs and earned SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Week honors for her performance.

Also on Sunday, the White team won the Bulldog World Series, captained by Wes Rea, Demarcus Henderson, Ben Bracewell and Brett Pirtle. Full fall stats running through that game are available here on Game five will still take place tomorrow night at 5 at Dudy Noble.

In football news, we talked to Dan Mullen today, which is the next blog post down, and he was in a particularly chipper mood, hitting a wide variety of topics pretty in-depth.

As he left, he joked around with Chris Jones, which is an interview worth watching. I’ve embedded the video of that below, so make sure and watch it. He’s an entertaining dude.

We also talked to defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, among other things, about junior Christian Holmes. He switched to tight end back in the spring, but after injuries to Ferlando Bohanna and now Deontae Skinner, Holmes’ services were needed at linebacker again.

‘Turtle’ easily made the switch, without complaint, and he may be the only player who has spent significant time on the field in all three phases of the game – offense, defense and special teams.

Collins was very complimentary of Holmes’ mental aptitude, as well, saying the game plan for Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel was very complex, but the do-it-all player was able to, well, do it all without a misstep.

One last football note: make sure and check out yesterday’s Sunday ThingamaBob regarding the Alabama game if you missed it. I know Sundays are often lazy and filled with NFL, so it can be easy to miss things.

In basketball news, Rick Ray’s teleconference this morning offered a couple of nuggets of information about the point guard position. First, I.J. Ready’s hamstring injury is only a strain, rather than a tear, which means he is out for weeks, rather than months. Bad news that he’s out, but great news that it wasn’t worse.

In his place, junior Trivante Bloodman will start at point guard, while freshman Jacoby Davis, who just returned form his own injury, will be able to back him up.



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