Live updates from Dan Mullen’s Egg Bowl press conference

At 1 p.m., Dan Mullen will address the media for his weekly Monday press conference. Mississippi State hosts Ole Miss on Thursday for a Thanksgiving edition of the Egg Bowl.

Live updates to follow.


On the injury front, Mullen says freshman receiver Fred Ross is out for the rest of the season with a broken collarbone. Tyler Russell is day-to-day and “same as last week.” Dak Prescott still not expected to play. LaDarius Perkins is expected to play.

A note on that, Mullen says injuries have to led over 100 games combined being missed in the two-deep this year.

As the Egg Bowl goes, Mullen recalls watching his first one in Palo Alto, California, as a grad assistant at Notre Dame.

On Perkins, Mullen says he knows this isn’t the statistical season LDP wanted because of his injuries, “but it doesn’t diminish everything he’s accomplished” in his career at MSU.

Talking about Russell, Mullen remembers getting to know him when he was a recruit and Mullen was taking over at MSU. Now, says Russell played maybe his best game of his career against Arkansas Saturday, battling through injury and cold to keep MSU alive.

That’s what Mullen saw when he signed Russell and was happy to get him.

On freshman QB Damian Williams: “I guess, as far as big situations, we’ve kind of thrown him into the fire the last couple weeks.”

More on quarterbacks, Mullen says they “can throw Jameon Lewis in there if we have to.”

On the big-picture impact of Egg Bowl, Mullen says “We’ve won and got a lot of great players. We’ve lost and got a lot of great players.” Then added the same has been true for Ole Miss.

“I don’t know that it turns things that much.”

On last year’s loss, Mullen says, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m just as mad today as I was the day after it last year.”

On Egg Bowl being on Thursday: “I just always assumed it was on Thanksgiving.”

From the Who Knew Dept.: Dan Mullen’s high school in New Hampshire always played its rivalry game on Thanksgiving night. Loves the tradition.

“Not that the rivalry needs more, but it makes it more unique.”

“We could be 11-0 or 0-11, when you play this game,” goes on to say it basically doesn’t matter.

“This game within itself is its own entity … Rivalry games are so fun because of that.”

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